It’s still early in the year, so I suppose we’ll have to wait and see what happens.  Yesterday we got a little rain (.14″), but today was really something. We got 1.83 inches of rain today according to our weather station.   The rate of rain got up to 4.25″ — meaning that’s how much rain we would have gotten in one hour — fortunately it didn’t rain that hard very long.  We also got some hail and a lot of wind.

First we saw the storm coming from the lake (north) and after it passed over us and the rain had slowed down, it did a u-turn and hit us again!

We’ll help our neighbor tomorrow with straightening out his 5th wheel as the wind moved it about a foot and knocked it off the jacks.  Fortunately the tires were good.

A video of the storm and the flooding in our immediate neighborhood:

After it stopped raining I took  the camera outside and I had to wait for the water go down before I could drive around to take pictures (click on images for full size pics in a new browser window).  I can only imagine how much water there was DURING the storm!


Greentree & Yucca




Palo Christi where the wash is blocked by a driveway and the water runs onto the road



Bob and Ollie’s fence got washed out again, but at least their car wasn’t buried in mud this time.



The Lake Mead City Music Hall needs some serious cleanup!


Peach & Charles:  Watch out for debris and rocks in the roads!


After the last flooding they put some barriers in front of this mobile at Pear & Charles and I didn’t think it would work.


The water came out the back


Saw only this one barrier on Charles. Are the others in Meadview?


Rick is VERY lucky that Jose finished his roof repair TODAY — just a few hours before the storm.  So far so good …


Bullhead behind Rick’s house



Joshua Tree off Charles and Sandy Point got blown over, fortunately missed the house


My shoes after I had to get out of the truck to go into 4 wheel drive when first the truck and then I sank into something like quicksand.


I hope nobody got hurt!

If you have any storm or damage pictures or videos, please contact me for posting.