UPDATE: Diamond Bar Road fatal accident | Kingman Daily Miner | Kingman, AZ

Source: UPDATE: Diamond Bar Road fatal accident | Kingman Daily Miner

“… Rescue personnel were on the scene quickly and tried to save the driver, but were able to get the survivors to the hospital. There were also off-duty medical professionals from out of state who stopped and performed CPR, which played a huge factor in saving the two passengers, Carter said. …”

That’s why Meadview residents aren’t supposed to be waiting for an ambulance for hours and we need a fully staffed fire station.

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  1. Please excuse…I couldn’t find a place to email you information on your contact page, so am putting it here. Wondering if you would be interested in helping prepare documents to present to the County for the Boundary Change Impact Statement, as the first step to annexing non paying properties into the fire district? As you saw from the “Tax Revenue and Personnel Cost Analysis” I passed out at the LMRFD Board meeting, even with all of the properties in the Meadview/Lake Mead City area annexed in, there still isn’t sufficient revenue to put 2 people on shift in Meadview, and that is our ultimate goal. Annexation will be a start. All the properties being serviced by the LMRFD should be paying into the district anyway. We will be pursuing several other potential sources of revenue as well. If you can drum up any additional volunteers in Meadview that would be helpful. There will be lots to do as we move forward with pursuing alternative funding options. Thanks! Ellen

    • Ellen, what we really need is a PLAN. I’d like to see WHEN Meadview will be FULLY STAFFED.

      I’ve been giving this a lot of thought. Anything short of 2 staff 24/7 is NOT worth pursuing.

      In a life and death situation we need to know who to call. From all I read, 911 is less than ideal, often refusing to communicate medic ETA, where they’re coming from, etc.

      Personally, I’m at the point where I’m thinking about trying to locate older medics looking to retire and maybe we can get some REAL medical help out here. Basically privatizing what LMRFD will likely never do for us — provide emergency care in a TIMELY manner.

      Ellen, why would I want to join a fire district that’s telling me to shut up at board meetings as yesterday?

      Until this board gets a grip on reality, stops wasting my time on correcting typos in documents that SHOULD have been read by ALL board members PRIOR to the meeting and focuses on providing TIMELY service to Meadview, I have NO intention on wasting my money.

      Sorry, Ellen, I know you have put a lot of time into this, but I am concerned with the well being of our community, not with raising funds for a fire district that doesn’t care one bit about Meadview.

      Meadview is rarely mentioned in any of the meetings unless I bring it up.

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