1/18/12 – 5 PM MCA meeting open to public: 2012 Meadview General Plan

I got this email yesterday:

There will be an open meeting at the MCA on Wed 18th at 5:00 pm. This is a community brainstorming meeting to help develop and promote our are to attract tourism. Even though this is a Chamber committee, it involves the whole community and everyone is welcome to participate. We hope to see you there.

Attached to it was the General Plan:

General Plan Committee for Meadview and Joint Advertising with Surrounding Areas.

Meadview has started the improvements with the new sign, cleaning the medium and successfully uniting the businesses and the community. Trent has worked diligently on developing and getting funding for the hiking trail and a park. We have great restaurants and accommodations. Dolan Springs Chamber has made great strides in their facelift campaign and they have applied to the State of Arizona to become an Official Visitor Information Center. If approved, they will be listed in the AZ State registry. Open Spaces (Sue B.) has received funding for the Mt. Tipton Trail System. They have kiosks, picnic tables, meditation circle and they are listed in the National Trails newsletters and web site. These are all good, positive steps. But, with the current economics, we have also lost businesses (many more are hurting) and with that jobs and county revenues. If we want to succeed, we have to get creative and motivated.

We would like to establish a fact finding/brainstorming type committee to;

  1. To define the potential area for growth either by tourism and/or developing into an artistic type retreat. Someone mentioned changing the name to Meadview Village. We don’t know about changing the name but the image of a village can be used in advertising. The word Village denotes a quite, serene, laid back county setting. That image will appeal to fishermen, boaters, camping, hiking, 4wheel drive, photographers, artist, novelist and more. We have an abundant supply of natural beauty and many wonderful trails that we can utilize. This is in sharp contrast to party atmosphere of Lake Havasu, Laughlin, the river and Vegas but all that is attainable with just a couple of hours drive. We need to define our image and promote it. What are the following towns famous for? Bishop, CA. Solvang. Oatman. Calico. A little footnote, Solvang, Oatman and Calico were ghost towns until they promoted their image.
  1. Get creative about advertising our area. All the businesses in this area are aware of the lack of signage and information available to tourist. If we had a map with all tourist info from route 66 to Kingman north to Vegas east to Meadview and Grand Canyon West. This would be a joint effort with all the small towns that are within a day’s outing. The map will be free and given out at all gas stations, motels, restaurants and information centers. With all the smart phones, the info on the maps can be backed up with detailed information on a web site. The map and web site can be backed up with billboards along Rt 66, 40 and Highway 93.
  1. Unite and Promote. We have always felt that competition is a good thing. It makes you creative. But, it also can be destructive. The businesses in town and surrounding areas need to work together to bring tourists into this area. That in turn will give a larger return for everyone. The constant bickering, turning into the County and bad mouthing is destructive to everyone and it leaves a bad image with tourist and locals. We need to first, help our businesses and community. Second help our surrounding communities. If they fail– so do we!

We have attached a copy of a website that will give us a sample to go by. Also a sample of a map to give you and idea of what we can do. This will be a huge undertaking and it will require help from our business owners, organizations and community. We would like to hold our first meeting, Wednesday 18th , time and place to be decided. If you would like to attend please sign the contact sheet or sign up at the Chamber office and we will notify you about the meeting place and time.

I knew nothing about any of this and plan to attend the meeting on Wednesday. The High Desert Gardening Club meeting is at 1 PM and I should be able to get to the MCA by 5 pm.

I really like what I read in the Meadview General Plan, especially the “[w] e need to first, help our businesses and community. Second help our surrounding communities. If they fail– so do we!”

But what do the RESIDENTS want?

Do they WANT more tourists? Do they want more DUST from weekenders tearing up the roads?

My dad is threatening to visit in spring and last time he was here in 2002, he enjoyed:

  1. Driving from LMC to Meadview at 90 miles an hour. He loved it and actually thought that there were no cops in the desert.
  2. Visiting neighbors with a very nice garden, lots of pretty rocks and native plants.
  3. Having a drink with a (retired) gold miner at the Wishing Well in Dolan.
  4. A trip to Laughlin one night — the river, the lights, he enjoyed that (he doesn’t gamble)

My dad’s interests are VERY limited and golfing is pretty much his only interest. But even people with more interests don’t have much to do here.

A friend of mine used to visit once a year and it was a ritual to go to the chamber and buy some jewelry or “something” because she likes to support local artists and crafters and one afternoon we’d go to the Crows Nest for happy hour (she was so impressed by the cheap margaritas) and we ate the fried food appetizer, something she never ate, but she was on vacation and got to enjoy that BAD food. 🙂

Of course I also took visitors to the lake, but with no boat and then the LEASH law at the beach, that’s not a whole lot of fun.

One time I paid a guy $100 to take us boating at Willow Beach — that was very cool.

If you don’t have a boat, there’s really not much to do here. You can’t rent a boat.

Another ritual was going to the dump (I’d get all the trash ready before she arrived) and afterwards had lunch or dinner at Yesterdays in Chloride. One time we checked out the murals, that was very cool. I wonder if they’re still there.

Back in the old days I took visitors up to the Hualapais when it was $10.50 to go to the Quartermaster overlook and it was fun and enjoyable.

I took my friends to the gold mines and Gregg’s Hideout and we’d go up to the mesa, but there are LOTS more places — if you know how to get there and you have a vehicle suitable for the dirt roads. But all that doesn’t bring business to Meadview and is primarily only available to people who know locals who will show them around.

The RV Park website used to be a great resource for day trips, but it also didn’t have enough on road conditions and all too often roads get washed out.

After friends were here a few times, we drove as far as Seligman and the caves to find something new to do.

Here’s an excerpt from our gardening club meeting reminder email today on this subject:

My take on it is that it comes down to what the RESIDENTS want. I sure don’t want more weekenders roaring around our neighborhood with their noise makers (4-wheelers). On the other hand, if tourists help improve services for the residents, I’m all for tourists.

Obviously it would be nice to have a community garden with a NATIVE plant exhibit as many visitors would like to learn more about our native plants and maybe even buy a few to take home (with tags as necessary). And that would be an income opportunity for residents who don’t want to do the labor intensive food gardening, but grow cacti, Joshua trees and yuccas, etc.

It would definitely be an attraction for tourists if they could join the Explorers, quilters or whatever their interests are. Again, it comes down to what the RESIDENTS want and whether the MCA continues its exclusionary policies. Personally, I love to take visitors sightseeing and show them the few cool places I know (don’t get out much). Maybe one could organize a list of people who do tours for a fee and that would keep the tourists OFF our residential roads and they’d have a lot more fun out in the desert and up on the mesa.

Again, please think about it and share your thoughts at the meeting.

Now that I’ve given this some more thought I think the primary problem with Meadview is the MCA. The MCA members have a pool and some amenities and that’s why there’s no desire to have a PUBLIC pool, park, beer garden, etc.

And then there is the VFW, another exclusionary organization.

Between the MCA and the VFW, what’s a tourist suppose to do here?

The food and atmosphere at Canyon’s End (Ken’s Pizza) has tremendously improved since Cary and Lori took over. I have not yet eaten at the Meadview Cafe since the new owners took over, but one person told me that they ate there 3 times and the food was cold. I just mentioned this to someone and they also had heard about the cold food. What’s up with that?

Well, there’s a lot more I could write, but in summary, the last thing I want is a tourist trap. It would be nice to have more services and things to do for RESIDENTS.

I like the idea of the name change to Meadview Village. But before you change the name, make it that village.

And that will be TOUGH because there is so much bad blood. When I mentioned the possibility of gardening club meetings at the MCA, one member told me right away that she will never attend a meeting at the MCA. Another member had been told that she was told not to come back when she attended one of the activities at the MCA because she was not an MCA member.

The MCA is the #1 problem.

If the MCA was a COMMUNITY center open to the public, Meadview would have a LOT more to offer to tourists AND residents alike.

And if I got a chance to VOTE on this issue, I would definitely be for reorganizing the MCA from a membership organization to a public benefit organization, ELIMINATE all these idiotic restrictions from the public record and use the $35 VOLUNTARY membership fee to make Meadview a better place to live for ALL. And tourists could buy a $10 or so weekly pass for using the pool, tennis court, etc.

Can we get this done?

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  1. My God, are you kidding me. I I bought land out at meadview because of its Serenity and because of its peace and because it isn’t crowded. I don’t know who you think you are but I wish you’d just leave town and forget you ever met the place MCA is a great exclusive membership and it isn’t expensive and belongs to the landowners the property owners tourists need to go home or they can go down to South Cove and put their boat in the water. You want to change the name to meadview Village that is the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard. Please go away not mad but go away we don’t need your kind around here the businesses are doing fine and all you’re going to do is screw this place up crowded out and turn it into a crowded corrupt Wasteland. ruin the ambience ruin his healing ways and peaceful atmosphere so you can line your pockets with always more money nothing personal but you sound like a yuppie out for themselves at the expense of others who were there first . Meadview belongs 2 Nature, not your crowds not your people not your terrorist but nature and those who can relax and become 1 with it. I bought in meadview because people like you aren’t there. go find your own place in the desert build your own pool and stay off My Cloud if any of the things you talk about meadview will be ruined forever. Please take your things take your gadgets little fancy signs and go away forever

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