Last night I checked the radar forecast and by 3:30 am we were solid blue (snow). I didn’t think it would happen because it was too warm, over 40 F in the hoophouse. So I was surprised to see the snow this morning:

2/28/12 snow

The snow didn’t slow down the ladybugs in the hoophouse:

2/28/12: ladybugs multitasking on our Munchener Beer radish

The ladybugs are eating aphids, pollinating and mating.  I love this spicy radish and we let it go to seed so we can save the seeds.

The ladybugs have been doing an excellent job eating the aphids that bother only radish, mustard and brassicas in the hoophouse and greenhouse.  Hopefully we’ll soon see some larva and then ladybug babies.

It’s now almost noon and the snow already melted half way up the cliffs.  We sure needed the moisture.