We had our first meeting at Canyon’s End yesterday in the front room and it worked out really well!  We brought a TV and DVD player for the videos and the room is just the right size for meetings for the 15 or so people we had attend.

Our next meeting will probably be at our place, but as it gets too hot outside, we’ll make Canyon’s End a regular meeting place when we’re not on a field trip or at the Dolan Springs community center.

There is currently no charge for reserving the front room and you’re not expected to order food, just your favorite beverage.  We got a $4 pitcher of ice tea for each table and some members arrived early and had some pizza, so that worked out really well.

Here is the NEW Canyon’s End menu:


Please note the new KIDS menu and you can have a complete meal or just a burger or sandwich.  They also offer vegetarian dishes and accommodate for vegans.  And I really like the Grand Canyon beer on tap.

They plan to be open for breakfast again starting in May, until then the hours are 11 am – 8 pm, closed on Tuesdays and you can call to order take out food at 928-564-2525

Aaron and Diana are doing a great job running the restaurant and motel and we look forward to having our farm stand out front.