Piglets available for adoption at the LMC Sanctuary

Diana and Aron have these cute little potbelly piglets available for adoption at their sanctuary in Lake Mead City:

The 5 piglets are 4 days old. Proud mama Sallie is in the middle and one-eared Rosemary on the left.

The piglets are available for adoption (as pets, NOT food) for a bag of feed.  Harry, the proud father:

Daddy Harry

If we weren’t so busy we would take one of the piglets.  Potbelly pigs are smarter than dogs!  We plan on getting a little pig once we’re caught up with all the garden / hoophouse construction and it will be in the house with the dogs.

Of course we had to also say hello to the chickens, geese, ducks and turkey:

And here are some of the goats:

A little escape artist

For adoption of potbelly pigs or goats, to arrange a visit or to make a donation please contact Diana at 480-225-6588 or stop by Canyon’s End restaurant and ask for Diana or Aron.

The sanctuary is also in need of inexpensive t-posts!

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