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Over the weekend we had the first real rain since last spring / winter and it’s so badly needed. What a thrill to see the snow!

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Missing dogs

Bullit and Buster have been missing for two weeks.  They are medium size male dogs 1 and 1.5 years old. Please call 928-301-6492 if you have seen them. Thank you!!!  ...

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Praying Mantis

Yesterday we visited the Grand Canyon Caverns over on Route 66 and I’ll post about that next. After the tour we noticed this beautiful praying mantis on the hood of the car: It flew onto Jose’s shoulder before taking...

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South Cove and begging ducks

The weather was perfect today for boating, with no wind at all: Last time I was boating in 2008 there was NO dock because the lake was so low.  So this is a huge improvement. When we first arrived, the ducks came out of the...

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Bobcat sighting in northwest Meadview

We were picking up some pallets for the farmstand and were amazed by this bobcat.  It strutted along and couldn’t have cared less about us: It was hilarious that the quail followed it.  Are they very dumb or very bright? ...

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