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Please help the RUFFF rescues!

As most of you probably know, the Golden Valley RUFFF shelter has been shut down and I think 180 pets needed a new home.   While many have been adopted, here are some of the less fortunate pets (as of yesterday):

RUFFF Rescues looking for FOREVER home
RUFFF Rescues looking for FOREVER home

You may not be able to adopt a dog, but how about a few bucks or a bag of dog food for the Humane Society?

For more info, check the Miner:

Cute husky mix puppies to good home (pics)

Here are more pics at Louis’ Craigslist ad: Our two dogs came from Louis and our puppy Riley the Menace looks a lot like the puppy above (it already found a new home, but there are still 4 puppies available). For more info please contact Louis by replying to his Craigslist ad, call himContinue Reading

South Cove and begging ducks

The weather was perfect today for boating, with no wind at all: Last time I was boating in 2008 there was NO dock because the lake was so low.  So this is a huge improvement. When we first arrived, the ducks came out of the water to greet us.  Here they’re having a powow, discussingContinue ReadingContinue Reading

What is this lizard? Salamanders in the desert?

Jose moved a shelf out of the greenhouse and under it was this strange looking lizard: It reminds me more of a salamander (no scales) and I definitely haven’t seen one of those before. That green color on the head is so strange and where is the tail? What is this? Update:  Others agree thatContinue Reading

Bobcat sighting in northwest Meadview

We were picking up some pallets for the farmstand and were amazed by this bobcat.  It strutted along and couldn’t have cared less about us: It was hilarious that the quail followed it.  Are they very dumb or very bright?  Jose thought that maybe the quail figured they’d be safe from other predators with theContinue ReadingContinue Reading