It’s been cold for several days with low temps around 22 F in our hoophouse, but last night it got extra cold, down to 15 and the Y adapter for the hose broke. Not a big deal, but I haven’t checked it out nor have I checked the irrigation pipes and hoses — it’s still too cold for me to go outside!


Since we’re off the grid and haul our water, our water pump only runs when we run the generator or while we run it through the batteries for extended irrigation during the day and that has saved us MANY thousands of gallons in water when a hose broke or pipes froze.

Sometimes it’s annoying to have to run the generator several times a day when we do laundry and to shower, but it definitely has its advantages too.  You know when you have a leak somewhere because the pressure doesn’t build up when you turn on the pump. It would truly suck if we lost several thousand gallons of water last night.

I winterized our outdoor faucets by the gardens, but totally forgot about this one.  And it’s not a huge loss since it had been leaking anyway.  It’s nice to have a shutoff valve inside, so I’ll deal with it “later” and hopefully we have another adapter in the garage.

I checked the recorded low in Kingman and that’s 18 F, quite cold for Kingman.

So I hope you all winterized your water systems and have a Happy 2013!