Another storm — another Frontier outage

Yesterday internet and DSL were out all day and if finally came back on in the evening, only to go out again around 7:30 am this morning.   Friday night was one of the worst wind storms we’ve had in a while, so I wasn’t too surprised about the outage yesterday.   Maybe they’re still fixing stuff today.


Here’s the forecast for this week:

weather forecastWe’ll see how that turns out.   I have countless boxes full of stuff to sell at the Saturday parking lot sales at the Collectors Corner and the last two Saturdays we got rained out.


4 Responses to Another storm — another Frontier outage

  1. We called and they told us that no one has called, so it is just us. If people would call, it would help them fix this sooner. I hope.

  2. Terri, thanks so much for calling — it’s working now!

    Having lived here since 2000, I gave up on calling support several years ago. Too much stress, their idiotic “clear your cookies”, this, that and the other thing that only screws up my computer, not to mention the excessive hold times. So, I thank you for calling!

    Since the phone service was out too, I guess there are others who don’t want to use their cell with prepaid minutes to call Frontier.

    • We call them a lot. Ended up getting a puppy from the repair guy, because we became friendly with him. He was out here a lot lol

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