Yesterday we had this nice soft rain all afternoon and it looked like we got about an inch total:


Today it was coming down in sheets for a while, but we also had a good amount of steady rain.  It’s raining again right now. If we get some more rains like this we’ll get lots of wildflowers and a good Joshua tree bloom.

Sunset a few days ago:


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  1. Nice pictures. I did catch this sunset, fantastic.
    on another note: are people watching the payroll issue with Rancho Mohave fire department. This could have long term effects on our home insurance, especially if the department goes under. I had thought resulting from the consolidation of Meadview’s department with RMFD that things were to improve. Guess we might have been sold a bill of goods by …..ummm

  2. Rick, I don’t have a clue what’s going on with the fire department. I remember getting a letter once asking me to join and pay and I’ve talked to people who were very upset because allegedly the properties that are in the district are as random as the MCA lots.

    To me this concept of PAYING to join a fire district is rather absurd. Everywhere else I’ve lived before that was part of the property taxes. I suppose it’s like with auto and health insurance, if everybody pays, it’s cheaper for the individuals. I did NOT join and last time I had property insurance was over on Peach and it was really cheap.

    So if you or someone else would like to research this and clue us in, just let me know and I can either post your submission for you or I can set up an “author” account at this blog.

    I’ve been extremely busy setting up a couple new websites and with all sorts of stuff.

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