10:15 PM: FINALLY rain again

For days we’ve been surrounded by storms and all we got was WIND and a few drops of rain a few times.

Screenshot of the radar at 10:15 PM:


We got almost 1/4 inch of rain in the 10 minutes since then in east Unit 7.

I’d like about a 1/2 inch of rain tonight with NO hail and another 1/2 inch in a couple of days.

UPDATE an hour later:  Got not quite half an inch and it was way plenty, the water was just running off.  No hail — it’s still drizzling a little and it’s all good.
It got COLD.  I was freezing when I went for a walk around the property and it was 59 degrees when I came back in.  It’s 61 F right now.  Nice!

We might get more thunderstroms till 3 AM.

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