Rhonda, wife of MCA maintenance person Darrell, accused me of “slander” in a comment at 11/10/12 MCA board meeting: 3 resignations, 2 new appointments:

Christine, I have tried to keep my mouth shut but you are sorely misinformed when you say Darrell makes 4000.00 monthly. Darrell deserves the decent pay they give him but as his wife I can personally say he makes nowhere near that. I was told rumors were going around about that, now I know who started it. Wrong fact on that issue Christine, I wonder how many more rumors you started. Get your facts straight before you post more slander.

Here is what I wrote:

And almost $4,000/month for maintenance SALARY expenses is definitely far too much. Apparently there is NO backup for Darrell, resulting in problems when he leaves town for a weekend.

I did NOT state that Darrell makes $4,000 a month nor did I start a rumor.  I posted a FACT unless the MCA board provided a FALSE Profit & Loss statement at the 11/10/12 meeting.

From the 11/9/12 MCA Profit & Loss statement p. 2:

“Maint. wages $39,063”

I presume that these are the maintenance wages.  It does NOT include payroll related expenses such as unemployment, medicare and other listed expenses.  Notably, I do NOT see an entry for social security on the P & L.

So, since the P & L is for 10 months and a week, the MCA claims to have paid almost $4,000 for maintenance salaries.

There have been complaints that when Darrell leaves town, nobody is there to take care of problems.  But I’ve also heard about a weekend maintenance person.

Maybe Rhonda could clarify the situation?

I really want to publish the TRUTH.  I definitely NEVER wrote that Darrell makes $4,000/month.

Other UNUSUAL expenses on the P & L

Maintenance and facility repair: about $5,200 for supplies (excluding repairs)
Office expense:  $3,630
Activities: $2,424
Professional fees:  $2,093
Electric: $6,597
Telephone: $2,631

These numbers indicate to me that the MCA board is completely incompetent OR they just don’t care because they’re spending OUR DUES MONEY.

$500/month for “facility” supplies, $350/month for office expenses, $200/month for activities (WHAT activities?), $600/month for electric (OUCH!!!), $250/month for telephone.

These numbers indicate a LOT of activity while there’s NOTHING going on except the occasional potluck.

So few people use the facility and the expenses are enormous.

Unfortunately, the MCA refuses to provide more detailed accounting, but hopefully Rhonda will explain the maintenance salary.