Been so busy, am finally getting around to posting about the January Quail meeting.

The speakers were two guys from Kingman with all sorts of interesting info about the recycling program.  The main reason they’re recycling is that they have to PAY at the landfill.  They save a ton of money emptying all the recycling bins at various locations in Kingman every day.  I thought they said they get paid only for cardboard ($20/ton) and that everything else is given to recyclers, but they must get paid for aluminum cans too.

The electronics bin at the Safeway was removed because people would get all the valuables (memory and motherboards are gold plated) and the city ended up having to haul what was left to the dump.  However, they still have an electronics bin at their location on Andy Devine.

I asked about a public recycling area for furniture, appliances and all kinds of stuff that can be reused as I’ve seen this work so well in Fairbanks.   They said that the city council looked into it and apparently many other cities are offering similar recycling programs, but Kingman blames INSURANCE issues for not starting a public recycling program.  Of course that’s BS.   They have roads, parks, the pool, why couldn’t they get insurance for recycling?

They had all kinds of interesting info, but I should have posted right away and now I forgot.

The Meadview Quail want to organize Bunko (Bunco) gaming to raise funds.

Apparently gambling is a problem and Bingo is ok because it is registered with the state.  However, they could use vouchers instead of cash for Bunko.  The bigger problem seems to be that the MCA “leadership” does not want to divert any funds from Bingo — can’t have any competition!

I had no idea what Bunko is, so here’s a video that explains it:

I really find it odd that almost all Meadview activities are for WOMEN. While the Quail are open to men too, only one or two guys attend.

Are the Meadview men only interested in getting drunk?

Are the activities that are offered not appealing to men?

They don’t like to quilt?

There is still the computer club which was mostly men when I attended the meetings years ago and in case you’re interested, they are meeting at a garage since the MCA kicked them out because non members attended.

It seems to me like there should be lots of men with all sorts of skills and interests. I dunno …