As you may know, I joined the Meadview Quail last month, when I was scheduled to speak about gardening and then got uninvited (according to rumors due to pressure by the MCA.)

The Meadview Quail are primarily a fundraising organization, raising funds for scholarships and various military organizations. The monthly meetings also feature a speaker and today’s guest was Barbara (Barbie) McGlasson.

Barbie prepared the most AMAZING appetizers:

Barbie introduces the food

I had to leave early because Jose needed the truck to get to work, but everything I sampled was delicious.

I gave Barbie a copy of the DVD Genetic Roulette, a documentary about genetically modified food and I told her about our gardening club and organic food co-op.  So many people don’t know about our activities and it doesn’t help that COM refuses the gardening club advertisements we submitted for the Meadview News.

Hopefully we’ll get together with Barbie in January to plan the gardening club’s annual organic locally grown salad tasting.  Last year we had space in our new hoophouse, but that’s now full of plants.  The MCA won’t allow us to use its facilities and we’re still looking for a suitable location. Last year we had almost 20 people attending and there could be even more people if we did some advertising as we are an OPEN organization and the public is welcome.

I’m better at growing food than preparing it and we’d love to have regular FOOD meetings, preparing what we grow or order at the co-ops and sharing recipes.

Here’s another picture of Barbie’s wonderful appetizers:

Looking at the pictures makes me hungry!