Christine Meisenheimer’s announcement:
fellow peace activists
reminder of this sunday’s peace vigil – 5/12  – from 11:30-12:30.  we meet at our normal meeting place – the corner or stockton hill and airway ….. as a reminder we meet the second and fourth sunday of each month. the weather typically is no issue .. UNLESS of course there are winds exceeding our ability to hold peace signs OR the temps are just too severe to venture out:-)  this sunday is mother’s day .. appropriate too as the original intent of mother’s day when proposed in approx. 1870 was to celebrate and honor peace:-)   fyi:  will and i stand 11:30-noon as i can’t handle vigils exceeding about a half hour no matter WHAT my spirit and head tell me:-\ <sigh>   
call chris at 928-757-4616 if you have any questions or concerns.   please pass this information on to anyone you think may be interested in standing for peace as well!  peace begins with each of us individually by the moment to moment choices we make in out interactions with others and the world.  join us if you can – leave when you must!  peace and gentlest of wishes to you and yours:-)
I recently read that more members of the military commit suicide than are killed in action.  Imagine how many are seriously screwed up for life and the effects on their families and friends.