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Tuesday 3/19/19 — Starting Kombucha and Salad Tasting

NEXT week Tuesday 3/19/19 at 2 PM

Starting kombucha and salad tasting in Meadview.

Image may contain: plant and food

I’ll bring some salad, mustard, kale and collards to taste and take home. Have LOADS of 4 varieties of kale.

Image may contain: drink I’ll supply some starter kombucha and scoby.   If we don’t have enough for everybody I can get you a scoby and starter in a few weeks.  I just started brewing kombucha again and love it!

This is a FREE event and there’s nothing you need to bring unless you want to take home some starter kombucha and scoby and you want to put it in a glass instead of a plastic bag.

To attend please post a comment and I’ll send you directions.  There is limited space since we’re meeting at a house and it’s important that you let me know immediately if you won’t make it.

Unit 9 behind the RV Park off Pierce Ferry at MM 34. I’ll send you directions once you reserve your spot.

2018 Meadview Octoberfest pictures

Once again, the Meadview Octoberfest ended at 2 pm.    NO typo — I mean it, it ended at 2 in the afternoon.


Why does EVERYTHING have to revolve around money and power?

The only purpose of this ULTRA LAME Octoberfest was for the crafters to sell their stuff.  And they did great!  But that doesn’t do a thing for our COMMUNITY.

I didn’t see a single person from my neighborhood as apparently everybody felt that it wasn’t worth the gas.

  • Why can’t we have a REAL Octoberfest?
  • Why can’t we have just ONE annual event that kicks ass?
  • Why didn’t the Crows Nest participate?

As typical “conservatives”, our business owners don’t work TOGETHER.  It’s all about who is going to own Meadview.


I don’t care if the crafters go home at two. I would have loved to take a friend on this beautiful afternoon to enjoy a couple beers, listen to the band, enjoy the sunset and catch up with my friends and neighbors.  I know so many people here, but rarely see them anymore.

Meadview SO SUCKS!

Here are a few pictures taken around 2 pm:

I don’t know what I was thinking when I got these brats at TJ’s, must have been the Bavarian packaging.   I haven’t bought pork in many years and am mostly vegetarian. They’re not my favorite Nuernberger bratwurst and not the Munich weisswurst either, but they actually were quite good — with lots of Grey Poupon and a couple Spaten.

Almost forgot to post the rather short video of the band doing Secret Agent:

This could have been a very fun beautiful afternoon!

Meeting the needs of Dolan Springs 4/28/18

From the DSCC newsletter:

April 28th a group of local citizens (Bob Waldorf and Debbie Bibi of Bibi’s Talent, Frank Geraci of Mohave Rancho Lumber, Jay Tschudy of Grand Canyon West Art Gallery) want to talk about “Meeting the Needs of Dolan Springs”.  What activities and programs should the community consider addressing and resolving? What improvements are needed for the town and its citizens? The public is encouraged to attend.

Frank is one of the few Dolanites who sometimes shows up for the LMRFD board meetings, don’t know the others.   I’ll try to be there.  Don’t live in Dolan, but nobody in Meadview EVER asks what the community wants.  In fact, just stating what I want (a community, not some stuck up morons running their private country club at MY expense) got me banned from the MCA and ads in the Meadview News were refused for YEARS!

In case you’re new here, the people who run Meadview prohibit video recording COM events to ensure that we can’t publicize and document their constant lies.

I just wish it wasn’t such a long drive to Dolan, so much we could do in their community hall!

Undersheriff Trafecanty, ADOT and Animal Control on 4/14/18 at Dolan Springs DSCC hall

Updated 4/12/18:  From the DSCC newsletter: April 14th Town Hall Meeting at 11 am “So What do You Want to Know?”. Here is your chance to ask questions of Undersheriff Edward Trafecanty who will talk about programs that fall under his domain, including Animal Control; Les Henley, Public Works Engineer will talk about Pierce FerryContinue Reading

12/9/17 Dolan Springs Craft Show (pictures)

Below are pictures of some of the many vendors and their crafts / goods at the Dolan Springs craft show today.  If you are a Dolan Springs or Meadview artist or crafter, you are welcome to post about your creations, pictures and contact info at the new forum. I’ll add some of our local talentContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Thursday 10/12/17: FREE food workshop in Meadview Unit 9

Building a Sustainable Diet Consumer Reports is partnering with local community members around the country to hold workshops around eating a more sustainable diet.  Working with Consumer Reports experts, these workshops will include strategies and tips for making our diets more sustainable — good for us and good for the planet. This event will beContinue Reading

Saturday 11/19 Parking Lot Sale at Collectors Corner!

Bring your table, truck or trailer, 8 am to 2 pm. Arts, crafts and “STUFF” — clean out your garage! NO FEE to set up! Of course the Collectors Corner is open early. Don’t miss the literally hundreds of gifts for $20 or less and local artist Kay Martin’s penny bottles, vases and handmade greetingContinue Reading

Fans and coolers at garage sale at Collectors Corner tomorrow

If you have stuff to sell, bring your table ($5) and SELL IT!   Collectors Corner is in Meadview, 30125 Escalante (the former Newsome Tile building) next to the Boathouse. I’m bringing several coolers, fans and a portable A/C, blue plastic and steel 55 gallon food grade barrels, a pet carrier and some plants and fertilizersContinue ReadingContinue Reading