Here is the form you can pick up at Canyon’s End restaurant or print out here:


You don’t actually sign up through this form and you do NOT commit to purchasing the service. 

They want to know whether it’s worth the cost to establish the service in Meadview.  You can either mail the form to CK Internet or drop it off at Canyon’s End.

At you can learn about their technology, but there is no contact info on the site.   This wireless internet service is currently available in Dolan Springs.

We’re supposed to get up to 24 mb download speeds for $49 — that’s just a few bucks more than I now pay for DSL with Frontier with a MAXIMUM of 1 mb download.   Most of the time my download speed is way less than 1 mb.

If you’re in our neighborhood you can also drop the form off here and we’ll take it to Canyon’s End as we’ll do just about anything to get away from Frontier.  Please post any questions or send me an email.