At yesterday’s fire meeting in Dolan Springs Bobby Porzio mentioned that the 2/4/13 Board of Supervisors meeting resulting in the hiring of administrator Flynn for the Lake Mohave Rancho Fire District (LMRFD, Dolan Springs and Meadview) was online.

It is an eye opener to see 5 city people with NO CLUE about life in the county.  They kept asking what changed to cause LMRFD to spend more than they had coming in and the tourist traffic to the Skywalk was mentioned a lot.  So they asked whether the firefighters/EMTs were paid by call and when the answer was negative, they concluded that the only additional expense was gasoline.   Quite likely even the dumbest Mohave County residents know that it takes a lot more than gasoline to keep their cars going. At that time Diamond Bar was a DIRT ROAD!   These supervisors have no clue about life in the county, where most roads have to be maintained by the residents.

Incredibly, the consolidation of the Dolan and Meadview fire districts was only mentioned once and NOT as a possible contributing cause of the LMRFD insolvency.

The Meadview fire district went broke because the MM (Meadview Morons) were running it.  Current fire board candidate Steve Berg was the fire chief prior to the consolidation and Suzann Newell was on the fire board.

Unfortunately, Suzann Newell then became TREASURER of LMRFD after the consolidation and she succeeded in bankrupting it too.  Great job, Suzann!

And if you don’t understand WHY people voted for Suzann Newell, you obviously don’t know that Meadview’s ONLY source of news, the COM newsletter, is controlled by the MM and no news critical of Suzann Newell or the other MMs is allowed to be published.  In fact, due to my postings here exposing the illegal activities of the Meadview home owner association (the MCA), they refused my advertisements.

Also NOT mentioned at the BOS meeting was the fact that so many Meadview properties are NOT in the fire district at all (pay no tax to LMRFD). 

Meadview had a thriving fire district under chief Tom Little who volunteered his services and he had recruited many volunteers. Response times were great and he had $100,000 in the bank — allegedly Suzann Newell caused him to resign.

Administrator Flynn refused to answer my questions regarding revenue from Meadview properties.

The BOS did NOTHING to research the history of the two fire districts.

They SHOULD have investigated and researched HOW to get ALL Meadview properties into the district.

Instead, they kept pointing out how fire districts are independent.  I don’t understand why supervisors get paid huge salaries while fire board members get NOTHING!  I know that’s state law, but why do the supervisors get paid?  Why don’t we require ALL board members to work for nothing?

I don’t know HOW and WHY this district was established with only a few properties in it.  How do you expect ordinary people with NO PAY to be able to deal with such a strange situation? How can this get fixed???

I realize that people who don’t live here couldn’t possibly know any of this, but “our” supervisor Joyce Brotherton should have done a better job presenting the problems we are facing.  Hiring Flynn did NOT solve these problems and made it even worse as he got about $220,000 for doing next to nothing.

So here’s the video:

At 27:00 a lady speaks about federal funds available to fire districts and she is asking WHY these funds were not obtained for LMRFD.  Nobody answered her question.  She’s followed by numerous speakers and the Supervisors agree to hire Flynn at 1:25.