After Charlotte and Ellen resigned from the LMRFD board last fall, I stopped going to the board meetings since LMRFD uploaded the meeting videos too.

As soon as I stopped attending the meetings, they stopped uploading recordings:
LMRFD YouTube channel

According to Jay Fleming, there are issues with volunteers and safety violations and you can follow his blog:
Life and Death in Dolan Springs The Lake Mohave Ranchos Fire District

Last week chief Tim Bonnee was arrested. From the Standard:

Dolan Springs fire chief arrested, charged with domestic violence

… Deputies conversed with Bonnee whom they encountered in the driveway outside the home.

“Bonnee stated he and his 17-year-old stepson had been in a verbal altercation and he attempted to leave the residence,” said Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Anita Mortensen. She said Bonnee indicated that his wife and step son were in the doorway as he tried to exit the home.

“Further interviews revealed that Bonnee attempted to shove the two out of the doorway and the victim shoved Bonnee away from his mother,” Mortensen said. “The men then began striking each other with closed fists.”

Mortensen said the teen suffered injuries to his face including a swollen eye and bruising. Bonnee was transported to the Adult Detention Center and booked into jail.

The fire board had an emergency meeting on Monday:

3)EMERGENCY BUSINESS. a.Discussion and possible action regarding: Fire Chief Tim Bonnee re: Administrative Leave. (Cass)

•Director Cass motioned that Fire Chief Bonnee is on paid Administrative Leave effective immediately until further notice and any communication with district personnel shall cease until further notice with exception to administrative personnel, and the Chief is directed to not discuss any matters pertaining to the allegations filed with exception to the Board Chair, Board Clerk, Administration and at Board Meetings. Director Karash 2nd. Directors Karash, Tennant, Campbell and Cass voted, “Aye.”Motion carried, unanimously.

Is that legal?   At what point does a fire chief lose his 1st Amendment rights?

This was a domestic dispute and not at all related to LMRFD business.   He can’t work while under investigation?

Maybe the board just wanted him to have some more paid vacation.  After all, the incompetent administrative assistant Karen Jackson gets to work from home, INSTEAD of providing services to the chief and to the public at the station.

And I see Steve Berg is back on the board.  He bankrupted our wonderful Grapevine Mesa district.  It’s tough to watch …

So Trumpesque.


Dolan Springs fire chief arrested, charged with domestic violence