UPDATE 8/29/16:  It was “fixed” when I checked last Saturday, I suppose by one of our locals, not the County.  Dirt was moved to where it had washed out.  Of course that dirt will be gone next time the wash runs.   If we get a few more major floods the road will be too steep for water haulers.  This is the best road for people from Unit 6 to the well — when it’s not washed out.

Yesterday, Wednesday, I was driving to Meadview on Greentree and I’m sure glad it wasn’t really early in morning, evening with the sun blinding me or at night and that I was going slow:


I almost didn’t make it back up!  2 wheel drive, empty bed, my wheels were spinning.

In a little car, you might not see that the road ends until it’s too late to stop before you drop into the wash.  One more reason to drive a truck around here.


I only got just under a 1/2 inch of rain on Monday night and the wash at my place wasn’t running at all — I walked around when the rain slowed down.
Obviously, it rained a lot more a mile west of my place.




I went back to Sandy Point and then took Glen.  Here I had to make sure that I was going fast enough to not get stuck in the sand AGAIN.

Glen and Tamarisk, not bad at all:

On my way home in the afternoon I took Charles and the County was working on it.  Don’t know how bad it was before they fixed it.

Has Greentree been fixed yet?

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8/18/16 Meadview meeting: how to get the dirt roads fixed

Obviously it would not be helpful to have the County take over Greentree and fix it twice a year.  One of our locals just did a great job after the big storms and it was in great condition.   It is strange to see the washes getting wider with every storm.

Imagine someone having a medical emergency and going 40 mph on Greentree before it got fixed!