Anybody looking for a hiking / kayaking partner?

I have a 24 year-old visitor and he’d love to go on hikes or go kayaking (he can borrow our kayak) and he’s in excellent physical condition.   We went to the lake and river earlier this week and he swam like fish, in both, several times, and the Colorado is COLD!

A camping trip would be great too.  Interested? Please contact me.

Unfortunately I’m out of shape and busy and I don’t want to see him get hurt out there by himself and of course he doesn’t know where to go.   And the Meadview Explorers are so incredibly exclusive and will only allow MCA members to join them on outings.

I sure wish we could have hikers, boaters and adventurers groups open to all — MCA members, non members, residents, visitors …  Why is Meadview so incredibly screwed up?

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  1. It does seem exclusive. There are the townies( those that live within a mile or so of MCA) and the rest of us.
    I tried early on after moving here to be involved. I was COM president, MCA board member, volunteer FD and yet have never had the feeling of being a member of the community. I don’t think it’s me or my wife. It doesn’t bother me it’s an observation. Cliques exist everywhere.

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