I drove by the well and a bunch of people were there, so I decided to stop.  They all quickly left and Paul Stowe said that he wouldn’t talk to me because of the “bullshit” I wrote in my last water co-op post:

I asked Paul what was wrong and he literally just drove away.  WTF????

Last Saturday at the well cleanup I asked Tim what had happened with that cloudy water and he didn’t know. Nor did he know how it could be that the water is cloudy on the first run and then clear, and later again cloudy on the first run.

As you can see, many members showed up to weed, unlike last time when there were only about 3 others aside from myself.

well cleanup

5/20/17 cleanup at well #3

Back to the water quality issues. 

On 4/24/17 I took the pic of a water test that was posted at well #3, apparently in response to the cloudy water complaints.  Notably, the test was done on 4/17, almost a week BEFORE the reports of cloudy water.

WHY did they post this test?

WHY did the co-op NOT inform the members about the cloudy water?

And why do I have to volunteer MY time to post about the wells while we’re paying about $1,000 EVERY MONTH to board members?

WHY is the co-op refusing to correct alleged “bullshit” posted by me?

Where can I read the minutes of the last meetings?

Unlike most members, I’m NOT retired and I was working.

How about a little respect for members who pay their bill annually, cause no trouble and show up for cleanups????

Not to mention that many co-op members are part-timers, PAY their dues for the time they don’t even use the wells, yet they get NO info whatsoever!

Why doesn’t the co-op have a blog where they post outages, water quality issues and activities?

I actually asked this question a year ago at a meeting and they laughed and told me to do it!

So now I’m VOLUNTEERING my time and they don’t like it!  Seems to me like they just don’t want the members to have information about the co-op and they are DELIBERATELY CONCEALING water issues from paying members.  Very sad.

And I’ll greatly appreciate the co-op official response posted right here.   Paul Stowe should resign, his type of behavior is totally uncalled for and damages the co-op reputation.