This is so incredibly frustrating.

Here we are, in one of the most conservative areas in the entire country, and all they can do is RAISE TAXES.

I have had discussions with board member Charlotte Kiffer over a year ago about the fact that so many Meadview properties are NOT in the fire district.  They’ll go for raising taxes INSTEAD of getting all of Meadview annexed and PERMANENTLY and SIGNIFICANTLY increase revenue so that we could STAFF the Meadview fire station.

Today, I asked about an update.  Hope you’re sitting down:

They will form a committee!
It’s been over one year later, they have done absolutely NOTHING.

And then Walt Kiffer said that he read the statute about annexation and it starts with “Any resident can ….” and Walt suggested that *** I *** should do it!

It’s so easy that *** I *** could have accomplished annexation with NO money and no time.  FYI, I’m not on a fixed income and have a look around here — see any ads?

So, according to Walt Kiffer, it would have been very easy for the fire board to annex all Meadview properties.

Dolan Springs disgusting fire station

The Dolan Springs VFW, American Legion and the countless patriotic flag wavers don’t care about this disgusting display at the Dolan fire station? All these people praising LMRFD on FB haven’t noticed what the fire station looks like?  Too stupid or lazy to pick up a paint brush?

We don’t need a fire department to protect houses because it takes so long to get to a house and there are NO fire hydrants anywhere.  However, they can save lives when they get people out of their cars after accidents.  So there is a need for the fire fighters, but EMERGENCY MEDICAL is much more important.

Many people have died in Meadview since we lost our wonderful volunteer fire department in 2010 because the Meadview Morons (Steve Berg, Suzanne Newell et al) ousted fire chief Tom Little. He didn’t need a credit line, said he had a $100,000 in the bank when they forced him out.  And what an outstanding job the MM did at bankrupting the district and then making the IDIOTIC decision to consolidate with Dolan Springs.  Thanks so much, MM!

Some of those Meadview residents who died would still be alive today if they had received timely care.  After a stroke, every minute counts!

I requested to add the separation of Dolan Springs from Meadview on the agenda for the next meeting.

Once all of Meadview is out of the district, we can form a NEW district with ALL Meadview properties — if that’s what Meadview wants.  And then we can work with Dolan, but we’ll be fully staffed and at least we will not have to deal with the hostility by Dolan Springs board member Eric Terrill and other Dolan residents.

I actually got kicked out of the Dolan Springs Facebook group because I dared to post that Meadview needs services too!  In Dolan is a group of people, VERY DUMB and very loudmouthed, constantly sucking up to the fire fighters and praising the fire department for doing such a wonderful job taking them to the hospital.  Apparently there are several “frequent riders” who want to make sure they get priority service.  And that IS what it comes down to, where do they go first and who do they treat and transport.

There have been many complaints about attitude and lack of competence.

Can you believe that there are reports of paramedics not wanting to transport patients to the hospital and telling them to DRIVE THEMSELVES?

I’ve had so much patience with LMRFD and this new board, but there is absolutely NO DOUBT that the fire board could not care less about Meadview.  Soon you’ll be able to watch many hours of board meeting video at my new forum without ANY mention of the dire Meadview situation.

If I didn’t know that Steve Berg lives in Meadview, I would never believe it based on his performance on the board. 

Very much like District 4 Do-Nothing Supervisor Jean Bishop — she hasn’t done a thing for Meadview, Dolan or LMRFD. 

And no, Ms. Bishop, attending meetings (i.e. campaigning) and doing NOTHING doesn’t actually solve problems!

If we can’t get Meadview out of LMRFD, I may try to bankrupt it — the other way to get Meadview out.  But I’d prefer to keep Dolan Springs going for the people of Dolan and for Meadview to get its share of assets too.

I have not had any time at all to look into fire district litigation.  Seems to me like there ought to be thousands of communities just like Meadview and I’ll do some searching on a slow day.

Jay Fleming from Dolan posted recently that he would file a formal complaint and I’m going to look into that too.  Problem is that the fire chief has to deal with that crap and I just found out today that he thought HE was to get the Meadview properties annexed.  I told them that it was for the BOARD to do.

And as I previously posted, the board members don’t get paid and it’s no wonder they don’t do much, are totally unprepared when they get to meetings and are generally clueless.  Today, Eric Terrill wanted to back out of the ambulance lease / purchase that the board had already voted on and approved and then contracted for.  Eric, what’s going on with you?

Our only chance for good services is to go back to a mostly volunteer fire district for Meadview only.

FYI, in over a year, LMRFD recruited exactly ONE volunteer. 

Eric Terril actually REFUSED my offer to volunteer to fix their website because I’m not in the fire district.

Can you believe it?  I would have worked for FREE!

I also offered to BRING IN MONEY and to sign up Meadview residents NOT in the district for subscriptions. 

It wouldn’t have cost them ANYTHING, I would have kept 50% and paid for all expenses.   I made this offer because they said it’s TOO MUCH WORK for them to do.  So I would have done all that work, paid for everything and given them 50%, and they declined my offer.

Of course they don’t need more money because they expect the people already in the district will vote FOR more taxes.