Yesterday morning the County graded Charles and Glen, a week after the last storms resulting in an awful road right after they did the twice a year grading.  Yesterday afternoon it rained and it’s not quite as bad as before, but Charles sure sucks again.

And that’s why I’ve been DEMANDING that the County allocate a fund to pay locals to just fix it.

It was STUPID to grade the road BEFORE the rains – a complete waste of time and money.

I tried to get home from Meadview yesterday afternoon, took Glen and went over to Greentree:

Greentree washout

8/2/17 Greentree wash at Peach

It’s been like that for a week, nobody fixed it.  This is the road for water haulers from Unit 6 to the well at Greentree and Sandy Point.  Now that the County fixed Glen yesterday, they can take Glen to Sandy Point — until it washes out again.

I have 2 WD, turned around and took Glen to Sandy Point, it was completely dry and passable at Pear and I took Sandy Point home.

Had to go back out and thought I’d take Charles:

Wash at Charles

Obviously wasn’t going to drive into this river.    It was interesting because the roads were dry and my house apparently got a few drops of rain while I was out, but I had to water the garden, it was dry.

On my way to Sandy Point, trying to get back over to Glen to get out:

Charles and Pear washout

Charles and Pear wash

This has been a problem only since the County approved the development and clearing of the adjoining lots. 

THANK YOU, Mohave County!

I raced over to Glen on Sandy Point, but didn’t need to speed.  It was completely dry, 2 miles down from Charles.  Don’t know if the water ever reached Glen.

So, I hope you all appreciate the hard work Jean Bishop is doing for us, increasing our property taxes.

Big BOS meeting on Monday as they’re ready to vote on the tax increase, but don’t expect much from Meadview residents, so far away.   They DO read letters that you submit too, I hope I’ll have time to put something together.

And on Saturday at 11 am is a Jean Bishop town hall meeting at the Dolan Springs Council regarding the tax increase, I plan to be there, how about you?

I realize most residents here in Meadview are old and tired, ill and dying, worn out, done fighting — but not one person ready to kick some ass?

Very sad.  Why don’t you just sign over your social security and pension checks to the County?