12/9/17 Dolan Springs Craft Show (pictures)

Below are pictures of some of the many vendors and their crafts / goods at the Dolan Springs craft show today.  If you are a Dolan Springs or Meadview artist or crafter, you are welcome to post about your creations, pictures and contact info at the new forum.

I’ll add some of our local talent “as time permits” and I’ve been incredibly busy.  My visitors often want to buy their souvenirs from LOCALS.   If you post pics, prices and contact info, you might just get a call or email.   And if you’re going to a local event, you can post where you’ll be and what you’ll bring.

Ellen’s soaps

Sunny’s jewelry

Aloe in boot!


Kelly and Steve

I believe these are Laura’s bags.


Love Terri’s cups!

Ruth is looking good!

My seedlings


Southern Giant Curled Mustard (spicy!)

It’s great to see a FREE Christmas dinner!

And it’s also great that they have a real kitchen (the Meadview dimwits put a RESIDENTIAL kitchen in the MCA) and they can legally sell food.  Now if it only was organic!

If you can offer a $4 meal, why not make it organic for $6? 

Just think of how much pain and suffering could be avoided if people just ate organic.  Alzheimer’s, dementia, cancer, arthritis and countless FOOD induced diseases cause so much suffering.

How can I make people understand?

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  1. Hi Christine,
    Thanks for the very nice portrayal of our Craft Fair. It was such an enjoyable event, with a lot of local talent displayed. And, thanks for your generous offer to post local crafter’s wares on your website.

    My husband and I watched a docu-series entitled “GMO’s Revealed”, last summer, and it convinced us to go totally organic…(allowing for occasional lapses). The proven TRUTH of what GMO’s and glyphosate are doing to our health is horrifying! I recommend that series to everyone. Education is the only answer, as ignorance is the problem. Most people only get the information available on mainstream media, and the advertising is not geared toward health, as there is no profit in health.

    In going organic, the reality is, cost is doubled in a lot of things. Many people, especially in our area, barely put ANY food on the table, let alone have extra to pay for organic. Although the effects of poor health cost more in the long run, when one is hungry and only has a few $$ to spend, you do what you can to survive. Again, educating oneself about the worst offenders can allow for changing just those without breaking the bank. Fortunately we grow most of our food, and it was already organic…except the milk and eggs. Changing the chickens over doubled the cost of their feed, but they primarily free range. We are more careful about wastage. Changing the goats over is going to take longer and is a greater increase in cost. We will be growing and mixing our own feed when they freshen next Spring. Also, we cut the herd and will only be keeping 2 milkers instead of 4, and kids will be sold off sooner.

    My experience leads me to believe the cost of the DSCC Friday night dinners, if done organically, would exceed anyone’s ability or willingness to purchase them. That would be a sad situation, as those dinners feed a lot of people, provide $$ for good work by the DSCC in our community, and bring the community together in camaraderie like we haven’t seen in a long time here. So, patience Grasshopper! Keep putting the word out whenever/wherever, purchase organic yourself and encourage others as opportunities present themselves. According to stats in the “GMO’s Revealed” docu-series, it only takes a small percentage of people buying organic to tip the scales away from profitability for those poisoning us and they are forced by their bottom line to provide what the consumer demands. We vote with our pocketbooks!

  2. P.S….have you noticed that Smith’s has greatly expanded their offering of organic products over the last few years? That is entirely in response to public demand, according to one of the people who has worked there for many years.

  3. Ellen, I totally MISSED the release of GMOs Revealed and can’t wait to watch it, see it’s on YouTube.

    Organics have become a LOT cheaper because in more urban areas people are a lot more educated. Kingman is VERY slow to catch on, but we still benefit from the rest of the world’s awareness. I remember when the first organic tomatoes at Safeway were over $17/lb!

    “My experience leads me to believe the cost of the DSCC Friday night dinners, if done organically, would exceed anyone’s ability or willingness to purchase them.”

    Do you think it would be possible to get some ingredient lists for the dinners?

    I would gladly run the numbers to convert this dinners into a “mostly” organic and totally GMO free dinner.

    Regarding the deserts, all these pies and cakes are POISON, not only because the sugar is likely GMO, but sugar in itself is poisonous.

    I’m addicted to sugar myself, but there must be a way to make desserts that aren’t so harmful. It’s not like a piece of pie is going to kill (most) people, but these dinners are exactly HOW you can promote organics and educated locals.

    How many people do usually show up?

    Could we do a little pre or after dinner presentation?

    Help people grow at least some of their own food?

    I had no idea you’re all organic and that you have goats and chickens, so cool!

    • Am watching the documentary on Alzheimers/Dementia. Great information! I, too, am addicted to sugar, while being aware that it is poison, and have succeeded in eliminating it about 90%. I had no idea it was such a factor in Alzheimers! “Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most”…might be a humorous saying, but when you feel your cognitive function slipping, it isn’t humorous at all. Eliminating sugar and excessive carbohydrates is a small price to pay for good brain function. This movie has given me a kick to accelerate in that direction.

      I do recall when organics were so high priced they were totally out of my ability to purchase them. I’ve loved gardening since I was a child, so growing my own organic veggies was an easy solution. A dream of mine is to be able to help people create small garden spaces in their own yards. A small 4’x8′ raised bed can grow all the greens a person can eat, and greens are MOST important. Beets, garlic, sweet potatoes, squash and brocolli are also easy to grow here, are packed with nutrients, and can fit in a bed with the greens.

      You should talk to Charlotte about introducing organics and cutting sugar in the community dinners, and for answers to the questions you are asking. I don’t know how many people show up, but there are a lot. They have sold out more than once.

  4. I just emailed Charlotte with the link and for more info on the dinners. I haven’t had a gardening club meeting in a year and a half — no public meeting place in Meadview. Would love to do a couple hours on food and gardening pre dinner, maybe once a month.

    I know there are quite a few gardeners in Dolan, in fact, over half the gardening he club members. And it sure would be nice if people could help each other with fencing, sharing seedlings, seeds, etc. And we might be able to get some sponsors, individuals and businesses.

  5. Charlotte replied to my email, she’ll talk with the DSCC cook after she gets back from a trip and suggested I contact the council.

    And the dinners are actually profitable and were started to generate income. It’ll be interesting to see the figures. They plan on 200 free Xmas dinners, that’s really something! Kudos to all the volunteers!

    I just posted at the forum:

    And spent quite a bit of time at their website, according to the bylaws I can become a member and I’ll be glad to pay the $5/year. Nice to see that they’re not as exclusive as the morons up here in “Beverly Hills.”

    Sure wish Jay took down the old DSCC Facebook page — I remember being so frustrated trying to find info about DSCC in the past and could only find Jay’s page back then.

    Dolan has a lot of potential!

    • Glad you got some positive input there. I’ve been very impressed with the direction the DSCC has taken and all the good work those involved are doing. They can always use more volunteers. Charlotte and Carol carry the burden of preparing the meals nearly single handedly. Need a food handlers’s card to help in the kitchen. I plan to do that after the first of the year…would hate to see them burn out! Do you like to cook?

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