Below are pictures of some of the many vendors and their crafts / goods at the Dolan Springs craft show today.  If you are a Dolan Springs or Meadview artist or crafter, you are welcome to post about your creations, pictures and contact info at the new forum.

I’ll add some of our local talent “as time permits” and I’ve been incredibly busy.  My visitors often want to buy their souvenirs from LOCALS.   If you post pics, prices and contact info, you might just get a call or email.   And if you’re going to a local event, you can post where you’ll be and what you’ll bring.

Ellen’s soaps

Sunny’s jewelry

Aloe in boot!


Kelly and Steve

I believe these are Laura’s bags.


Love Terri’s cups!

Ruth is looking good!

My seedlings


Southern Giant Curled Mustard (spicy!)

It’s great to see a FREE Christmas dinner!

And it’s also great that they have a real kitchen (the Meadview dimwits put a RESIDENTIAL kitchen in the MCA) and they can legally sell food.  Now if it only was organic!

If you can offer a $4 meal, why not make it organic for $6? 

Just think of how much pain and suffering could be avoided if people just ate organic.  Alzheimer’s, dementia, cancer, arthritis and countless FOOD induced diseases cause so much suffering.

How can I make people understand?