One Response to Watch NOW: How our food causes Alzheimers and how to prevent and REVERSE brain damage

  1. I once met a guy who’s dad had alzhimers and he said the doctors said “no known cure” so he researched it and learned all he could and found out it’s cholesterol in the brain and metal oxides that cause the capillaries to close more and the metals cause the synapses to “short out”. The synapses are like spark plugs with a biological on/off switch and your brain has millions of them. So the slow motion cure is to eat all the spicy foods you can get and learn to like, RAW FRESH SAGE spice can oxygenate the brain cells and removes the blockages in the synapses. It takes like 8 months to clear up, maybe longer to get sharper and sharper, because the healing is gradual it is not easily measurable. This guy told me his dad was back to normal after a year of herbal remedies. Basically start going to Indian Cuisine restaurants and sample all the spicy dishes and pick out a few you like and start cooking them at home. Don’t wear tight hats that constrict your temples. Sleep with a warm nightcap on so your brain is warmer and stop eating from aluminum pans. Use cast iron skillets. If you messed around making bullets as a kid, yeah you got mild lead poisoning. If you sanded old doors down in carpentry work, yup, lead poisoning. To heal up from that you need to eat lemon slices everyday and garlic stirs up the heavy metals but the vitamin C grabs them and you piss them away. You need to do this for like 5 years to heal up from lead poisoning but it works. Lead poisoning is also same as alzhimers the lead paint tipped paint brush used by hat makers in England had the expression “mad (crazy) as a hatter”. The gold ore around Tombstone had 10-15% lead in it and the guys were half crazy from that (imo). And that added to the violence there. my theory. Metal in the brain………it’s in coffee creamer aluminum silicate. Sodium diacitate is in elmer’s glue and potato chips, hardening of arteries. Sodium benzoate, a flammable poison used to kill everything in soda pop. That can ruin your liver, imo. What else……….PEG-20 is in your hair conditioner causes fiber mialga and it’s antifreeze water replacer. Poly ethylene glycol, freaking antifreeze. Makes your skin puff up and look young, then after it wears off you look like dinosaur skin. Want a japanese beauty secret… soap on your face ever, just hottest water you can stand 3 times then wipe your face off. Never use soap on your face, or makeup. Then hang from the ceiling in your garage upside down and eat popcorn from a white paper plate and if you can pick up 10 pieces with your tongue, you are qualified to write a book about herbal remedies. It’s an unregulated industry. Enjoy…!!!

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