Thursday 1/25/18 High Desert Gardening Club meeting

I’m so happy that we can have the meeting at the Dolan Springs Community Council Hall — FINALLY a real meeting place!  The High Desert Gardening Club hasn’t had a meeting since 6/16, primarily because we didn’t have a space to meet and of course I’ve been very busy too, just finished a new winter greenhouse.

Thursday 1/25/18 from 2 to 4 pm

Please RSVP
so we’ll have door prizes for everybody


We’ll talk about:

  • Salad and herbs to plant outside NOW!

  • Is your garden critter-proof?
    Protect your plants without spending a fortune.
  • Trade seeds and plants.
    Share your experiences with other local gardeners.
    Make new friends.
  • Not a gardener or too busy?

         Help other gardeners for a share of the harvest.

Door prizes:  Seeds, seedlings, plants and gardening supplies

GRAND PRIZE:  Hydroponic Grow Tub complete with seedlings


I thought I’d simply copy the Google map and found that Google has a totally INCORRECT location for the DSCC!    The street address is 15195 Pierce Ferry Road.   You drive THROUGH Dolan and it’s on the right side at about Mile Marker 3.3 or so.   Coming from Meadview or Dolan, look for the first building on the right after you pass MM 4:

I recently joined the DSCC as it’s only $5 for the entire year and I hope you will join this fantastic non profit organization too.  More info is at

The DSCC provided FREE dinners on Xmas Day and even delivered to peoples’ houses.   The Meadview cliques ought to be ashamed!  I really want to bring organic nutrient dense affordable food to both Meadview and Dolan, but as we have NO space to meet in Meadview and I was just informed that a farmstand is NOT welcome in the Meadview strip mall, I hope to get lots of food growing in Dolan Springs.  All are welcome and if you want to rideshare from Meadview, please let me know.


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