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Thursday 1/25/18 High Desert Gardening Club meeting

I’m so happy that we can have the meeting at the Dolan Springs Community Council Hall — FINALLY a real meeting place!  The High Desert Gardening Club hasn’t had a meeting since 6/16, primarily because we didn’t have a space to meet and of course I’ve been very busy too, just finished a new winter greenhouse.

Thursday 1/25/18 from 2 to 4 pm

Please RSVP
so we’ll have door prizes for everybody


We’ll talk about:

  • Salad and herbs to plant outside NOW!

  • Is your garden critter-proof?
    Protect your plants without spending a fortune.
  • Trade seeds and plants.
    Share your experiences with other local gardeners.
    Make new friends.
  • Not a gardener or too busy?

         Help other gardeners for a share of the harvest.

Door prizes:  Seeds, seedlings, plants and gardening supplies

GRAND PRIZE:  Hydroponic Grow Tub complete with seedlings


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Support the Dig It Kingman Community Gardens yard sale

I just got a chance to see the new community gardens on Saturday.   One acre adjoining Cecil Davis park off Harrison (Hualapai Mountain Rd.) was recently donated to the garden and they are moving along at lightening speed.   Fencing is almost finished and they got a water meter for just under $3,000.  Is that crazy or what?  I heard that True Value supports the garden and I’ve been making a point of shopping there.

Dig It Kingman Community Gardens will be holding a Benefit Yard Sale on Friday, May29 starting at 7:00am. It will be held at the Kingman Community Gardens site on the corner of Lillie Avenue & Harrison Street, next to Cecil Davis Park (see attached flyer).

Donated items can be dropped off on Thursday, 5/28 between 3-7pm. Call Mike Roundy for details at 928-715-1165.

All proceeds will be used to purchase irrigation and garden tools. Items not sold will be donated to local charity.

I haven’t been able to help at the garden at all as we’re so behind schedule with our own new garden construction, but I’ll drive to Kingman on Thursday to drop of stuff for them to sell.

Please contact me If you’re in the Meadview area and you have items to donate — I’ll pick them up on Wednesday or you can drop them off at Canyon’s End on Wednesday between 2 – 4 pm while we have our gardening club meeting in the front room.

The sale is on Friday, so if you’re in Kingman, check it out!

The official flier with a map and more info:

Garage Sale FLyer DIG it Kingman letterhead 5-4-2015-22

You can also see more pictures and updates on Facebook at

Gardening club meeting tomorrow at 1 PM

Details and directions and details about the next meeting, Monday 10/17/11: High Desert Gardening Club Cover crops – Mulch – Weeds Large selection of cover crop seeds Winter veggie and salad seeds. Video:  Cover crops, mulching, wood chips Door prizes:  plants, seedlings, red wiggler worms, gardening tools, pots, labels …

Another great gardening club meeting

It was great to have several new members interested in market growing and since they’re all in Dolan Springs, we might have a meeting in Dolan in a week or so. Please email if you’re interested in joining us, we’ll mostly talk about bulk purchases, greenhouses / hoophouses and market gardening. We also had severalContinue Reading

Monday, October 3 — 1 PM: High Desert Gardening Club meeting

At the Lake Mead City Music Hall (Pear & Byron) “Greening the Desert” — 35 min. documentary Alan Burkow:  Health benefits of raw food I’ll bring some info on cover crops along with free samples and update on our battle with the gophers. Door prizes: plants, seedlings, gardening supplies … Start your fall garden withContinue Reading

Our first Gardening Club meeting

Last Wednesday we had our first meeting and here is a picture of the door prizes: We grew the bamboo from roots donated to the Community Center when we planned on renting a property on Pierce Ferry for a community garden last June.   We ended up planting them into pots and now have about 10Continue ReadingContinue Reading