Supervisor Jean Bishop abandoned my neighbor, handed him over to Tim Walsh for more torture.  I got absolutely no response regarding the many issues addressed in my previous posts.

NOTHING is resolved and we’re looking at ALL options, including legal.

I started a new forum dedicated to stop the County’s condemnation of homes built pre 2008, when building code compliance was not required and the County did not inspect during construction.

There’s lots of research to be done and I’m certain that we will have to find an attorney from the Phoenix metro area.  Not only is it morally wrong to hound and persecute us old people who just want live in peace out here, but I see abuse of power and constitutional issues.  It’s complicated.

So here’s my email to Tim Walsh, P.E., Director Development Service Department, copy to supervisor Jean Bishop.


Subject: My neighbor [redacted] condemned house

Dear Mr. Walsh:

As the County failed to honor our requests to let my neighbor live in peace, I am going to take this wherever it needs to go to protect our homes.

Almost all homes in our rural area were built pre 2008, when code compliance and inspections were NOT required.

1) Why does the County have the right to NOW demand code compliance?

2) Where can I find the regulations pertaining to pre 2008 building requirements online?

3) Where can I find the procedures for condemnation and subsequent demolition by the County online?

4) How many structures has the County condemned since 2008?

5) How many structures has the County demolished since 2008?

We’ll greatly appreciate your prompt response.


Christine Baker

c: Supervisor Jean Bishop
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