The rumor mills in Meadview have been churning and much has been said about the arrest of Meadview post office employee William Schwartz last Wednesday.  Here is the Facebook discussion in Meadview Uncensored.

Yesterday I got the documents.  Fish & Wildlife searched his house, initially looking for illegally harvested cacti, but finding 24.9 grams of meth and everything needed to sell it, even a price list.

He was charged with possession and intent to sell.   They put a camera on his house in early August, but no need to worry if you’ve been buying from William, I don’t think anyone cares.

Initially they let his girlfriend Jeannie Elizabeth Cheney walk away, but later they changed their mind and that’s who they were looking for on Saturday.  What a waste of resources!  She was only charged with possession.

On Monday William was released in Flagstaff.  One of the release conditions is that he should go back to work, but I don’t know whether he still has a job.

Notably, there are NO charges related to anything post office.

And while many think he got released because he “flipped” (such a popular word these days), the initial complaint is only for possession and the AMENDED complaint is for distribution.


The best part is the affidavit with the price list and all.  And Jeannie sure liked talking, telling them that there were weed, meth and syringes in the house.

As I’m looking at the affidavit for the amended complaint again, it looks like the price list was made for Jeannie “To J.”, stating her cost, “sell at” and “make.”   Not rocket scientists at work here.

I think it’s all really sad.  William and Jeannie are just two of so many. 

When I had heard about William and drugs, I thought he smoked weed, like most people here.  Seems like half the town has a medical card and even some diehard Reefer Madness type marijuana haters are now getting their medicine at the Vegas dispensaries (no medical card needed).

Meth really sucks though and it hurts everybody:

The addicts, their families and the entire community.