Looming water restrictions and UNLIMITED growth continues

The Mohave County BOS does absolutely NOTHING to slow growth. HUNDREDS of commercial wells have been permitted to be drilled.  They’re not even metered!

UNLIMITED FREE water for the thugs exporting it in everything from almonds to alfalfa to dairy.

We have ongoing power problems in Meadview, apparently due to so many people moving here from California, as I discussed in a previouse post:

NO water, fires everywhere and supervisor Jean Bishop does NOTHING!

Supervisor Jean Bishop recently posted on FaceBook the link to Unisource for the current status of another major power outage — INSTEAD of taking action.

Governor Ducey WELCOMES venture capitalist water exporters like Al Barbarich, the proud destroyer of our Joshua Trees and our ecosystem, wasting and polluting our water, poisoning our air with pesticides – so he can get even richer. Notably, the almond farmer has plenty of power to run their giant commercial irrigation wells, but we can’t even keep our water co-op wells going.

And the locals, like dimwitted lemmings, are giving Al Barbarich standing ovations for a few hundred dollars in donations to local non profits.

Predatory capitalism at work.  Take unlimited FREE water, destroy the environment, contribute essentially nothing, take everything you can until there is nothing.

And the demented population loves it.

Rape, plunder, pillage …  with impunity.   Nothing ever changes.

What the hell is wrong with the people here?


Under a shortage condition, water allotments to Arizona would be reduced by 320,000 acre-feet, Nevada by 13,000 acre-feet, and Mexico by 50,000 acre-feet.

90% of Southern Nevada’s water comes from Lake Mead. The Southern Nevada Water Authority says if a declaration is made there’s no need to panic. There will still be more than enough water with the region using about 250,000 acre-feet of water last year.

“The shortage that is prescribed on the Colorado River is really not going to affect Southern Nevada because we have done so much to reduce our water use,” Bronson Mack, a spokesperson for the water authority, said.

Back in September 2020, the Bureau of Reclamation released models that suggested looming shortages in Lake Powell and Lake Mead were more likely than previously thought between expanding cities and prolonged drought.


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  1. I agree with you ,that the citizens around here dont care , OR JUST ARENT INFORMED . This area is NOT in a, ( AZDEQ )Arizona Dept of Enviromental Quality.Water monitoring area. The people that own the company are its rate payers. I myself can and prove Mt. Water company is stealing from the community it provides water too. I have contacted the A.C.C , and they are no help ,just more shuffling ,conference calls ,and MONEY ! The water bills from Joshua Tree Water Co. , in my opinion they seem to be on the up and up ,clear concise .Mt. Tipton water company has and continues to steal from its customers. The numbers dont lie , lack of community involvement at meetings ,and as with everything else ,that happens in MOHAVE COUNTY , with the BOS ,someone is getting paid to look the other way . I FEEL THERE SHOULD BE A CERTAIN NUMBER OF YEARS THESE PEOPLE CAN HOLD THIER POSITION OF POWER . THE FACT THAT NOBODY SEEMS TO WANT TO STAND UP AGAINST THEM OR THE EXCUSE WE CANT ATTEND MEETINGS IN GROUPS ,OR BE ONE VOICE TOGETHER , is another way we are being silenced ! The growth of this area is to be expected , its just not changing with the times ,because too many people are NOT DOING THIER JOBS OR TOO MANY PEOPLE ARE GETTING THIER POCKETS FAT , DESPITE THE HEALTH HAZARDS ,LACK OF MAINTENTCE ,AND USING FUNDS INCORRECTLY FOR WHAT THEY WERE ALLOCATED FOR IS THE REASON ALL THIS IS HAPPENING .The water quality is one of higest in toxins NATIONALLY . WE NEED TO GET MORE INVOLVED , START QUESTIONING THESE THINGS , SPEAK UP .

  2. Hi Michelle, I actually know NOTHING about the Mt. Tipton Water Company issues. Can you compile a factual summary of how they’re stealing from the community and what’s going on?

    FYI, only the first comment with an unknown email is held for moderation, due to so much spam. Subsequent comments from the same email are posted right away.

    And if you’d like to, we can put your info in a new post here so it won’t disappear like on social media. Hoping to update this site soon and properly presented local issues will by prominently featured to bring attention to our issues.

    I’ll be glad to request comments from Tipton Water to see what they have to say.

    So many people know mostly FAKE news and we need to get to the truth and pursue issues.

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