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Farmstand and garage sale this Saturday and farmers’ market update

The farmstand the Canyon’s End will be open this Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm and we’ll also have a garage sale. Meadview Times also has the outdoor sale, so we should have a good crowd and we’re not supposed to get any storms till afternoon.

We shopped at the Henderson farmers market today and I’ll bring some of the fruit and veggies to the farmstand on Saturday.

More info and pics from the farmers market

This Saturday 4/7/12 MARKET at “Our Place” next to Meadview Motel

I’ll bring some of our seedlings and organic gardening supplies:

Pots – Strips – Row Cover – Organic Fertilizer & Mulch – Rice Hulls – D.E. – Labels

Red Wiggler Worms

Tomatoes – Armenian Cucumbers – Squash – Basil – Flowers – Aloes

Peacevine Tomato

Please contact us with any questions or if you’re looking for specific plants or gardening materials!

Great deals at the Henderson farmers market

A friend paid for half the gasoline to pick up a workbench at Harbor Freight and we finally got to check out the Henderson farmers market on Water.

It was very easy to find and we even had easy street parking for our dually.

CURRENT hours and locations.

It’s unfortunate that there was only ONE produce vendor and it wasn’t locally grown food, but imported from Southern¬† California.¬† However, the selection and prices were good and we bought quite a bit.

We sampled some strawberries and they definitely tasted better than the strawberries we used to get at the supermarkets (we don’t buy them anymore):Continue Reading