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Farmstand and garage sale this Saturday and farmers’ market update

The farmstand the Canyon’s End will be open this Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm and we’ll also have a garage sale. Meadview Times also has the outdoor sale, so we should have a good crowd and we’re not supposed to get any storms till afternoon.

We shopped at the Henderson farmers market today and I’ll bring some of the fruit and veggies to the farmstand on Saturday.

More info and pics from the farmers market

Meadview tomatoes and organic Armenian cucumbers at the farmstand


Today from 4 pm to 7 pm at the farmstand at Canyon’s End:

ORGANIC Armenian cucumbers from our hoophouse
Meadview grown tomatoes
Roger’s squash

I’ll also bring some potted organic basil, oregano and thyme for the kitchen window or the garden. Tomatoes LOVE to grow close to basil and it enhances their flavor!

And as usual, I bring some organic tortilla chips, juice, etc.

We’re looking for more locally grown veggies and fruit!

The first LOCALLY grown tomatoes at the farmstand today 4 pm to 7 pm

I’ll be at the farmstand from 4 – 7 pm today (summer hours) and I’ll bring the first locally grown tomatoes from another Meadview gardener and the first Armenian cucumber from our hoophouse. We also have organic eggs.

I bring only PRE-ORDERED chard, salad and beets until I find a way to keep the produce cool as the eggs take up much of my cooler space.

I’ll also bring some heirloom tomato plants and strawberry plants and the Frontier co-op catalog as we’re getting ready to place an order (tea, herbs, spices, etc.) and more info is at
Organic & Bulk Food Co-op.

Roger will probably bring some plants and cacti too.

Garage sale at Meadview Time and organics at the farmstand

At 9 am the monthly garage sale starts at Meadview Time and I should be at the farmstand by about 9:30 with organic oranges, grapefruit, gala apples, lemons, personal watermelon and chard, lettuce and green onions from the hoophouse. I’ll also bring various heirloom tomato plants and Roger is bringing houseplants and veggie seedlings.

At the farmstand on Sunday

It’s too windy today, but we’ll be open tomorrow from 9 am to 2 pm. We’ll have limited quantities of fresh LOCAL eggs Minneola Tangerines (Bountiful Baskets) Rye Bread – Ingredients: Medium Rye Flour, Hi-Gluten Flour, Water, Levain (natural yeast), Salt, Caraway Seed (Bountiful Baskets) organic grapefruit, conventional oranges and lemons locally grown organic lettuce,Continue Reading

At the farmstand Saturday and Sunday

We’ll be open Saturday from noon to 4 pm and Sunday from 9 am to 2 pm. We’ll have limited quantities of organic grapefruit, conventional oranges and lemons lettuce, chard, green onions and mustard Lundberg organic brown rice Swanson organic chocolate powder and coconut oil BioKleen dish soap and laundry detergent seeds seed planting stripsContinue Reading

Farmstand open this weekend – sign up for the organic and bulk food co-op

It’s the perfect weather, so please stop by our farmstand at Canyon’s End (fka Ken’s Pizza): Saturday:  noon to 3 pm Sunday: 10 am to 2 pm Organic grapefruit, potatoes, ginger, red onions and various veggie seeds 1 gallon organic rosemary, aloes, catnip … Sign up for the organic and bulk food co-op!  Bring yourContinue Reading

Signs and a bulletin board for the farmstand

We took a break at the gardening club meeting to check out those gorgeous signs Kelly made: So cool, thanks Kelly! Steve and Kelly built the bulletin board and they are currently working on the second board. Thank you so much! One board will be for Lake Mead Community Association announcements and services such asContinue Reading

Saturday noon to 3 pm at the farmstand

Tomorrow I have to do some work at the farmstand (at Canyon’s End, fka Ken’s Pizza)  and while I’m there I’ll sell some ORGANIC foods: Potatoes Red onions Grapefruit Ginger Lundberg brown rice Chocolate powder Coconut oil I also have some conventional navel oranges and garlic, Biokleen natural dish soap and homemade citrus vinegar cleaner.Continue Reading