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Gardening club meeting this Thursday at 2 pm at Canyon’s End

Carl will bring our new aerated compost tea brewer (bio reactor) and I can’t wait to start brewing!

Carl has been using his brewer and he’s happy with the results.  Hopefully we can do a demonstration of the brewer at the farmstand. It’s actually quite simple to build it.

We’ll talk about fall planting and I’ll bring some of the handouts from the Master Gardener class last week with planting schedules and lots of good info.

Fall and winter make for EASY gardening, with much less watering and few bugs and critters.  Last winter we planted our lettuce seedlings just a few days before our hoophouse had low temps of 3 F.   Most seedlings survived and grew really well as soon as it warmed up.  At the September meeting we’ll discuss cold frames and how to build inexpensive greenhouses.

I’ve also started to post lots of resources at our new FORUM at

Check out this video about growing tomatoes for harvest in May in MN without heat!

Bring your questions and answers and see you next Thursday at Canyon’s End at 2 pm. If you can’t make it, please post any questions or comments at the new forum.

To get reminder emails 7, 3 and/or 1 day prior to the meetings, please sign up for our Gardening Club lists.

The new High Desert Gardening and Food Forum

The new forum hosted by the Lake Mead Community Association is finally up and running. It was a lot of work, but I’m very happy with the software and functionality.

The primary purpose of the forum is to organize gardening resources and to provide a platform for residents to connect with local gardeners.

Please contact me to list your produce and check the forum if you’re looking for local and often organically grown produce. You can subscribe to groups and forums so that you get an email notification of new posts.   The LMC peaches (no pesticides) went fast, I just picked up the last ones.

High Desert Gardening and Food Forum

Gardening Club meeting tomorrow at 1 PM at Canyon’s End

Several of our farmstand customers expressed an interest in coming to the gardening club meeting, so I thought I’d post it here quickly.  Sadly, our flier with the meeting date and co-op deadlines at the community bulletin board next to the post office has been removed every time we check on it (about every 2 days.)

The Gardening Club blog

I have been so busy with the farmstand, gardens, co-ops and paid work, I haven’t even had a chance to post about the last MCA meeting.   We’re all very excited about the candidates because according to the answers they provided during the Q & A session at the last meeting, EVERYBODY will be able to attend activities at the MCA facilities.

I will post more details about the upcoming MCA annual meeting and elections as soon as I catch up …

Gardening club meeting tomorrow at 1 PM

Details and directions and details about the next meeting, Monday 10/17/11: High Desert Gardening Club Cover crops – Mulch – Weeds Large selection of cover crop seeds Winter veggie and salad seeds. Video:  Cover crops, mulching, wood chips Door prizes:  plants, seedlings, red wiggler worms, gardening tools, pots, labels …