Meetings are now on WEDNESDAY

Next meeting: Wednesday 12/28/11 – 1 PM at our new hoophouse (directions)

It is over 90 degrees in the hoophouse on SUNNY days and according to the 10-day forecast, it’s supposed to be SUNNY next Wednesday.  I hope they’re right.

This is not a regular meeting and we won’t be watching videos, but we’ll discuss various winter growing techniques and the many different salads and winter veggies we can grow in our climate.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012 – 1 PM

Our soil test results and recommended amendments — PART 2

We’re ordering another soil test and I’ve been researching how to lower our 8.7 pH and how to decrease the huge amount of calcium in our dirt.  We’ll also discuss the test results and recommendations for amendments of native soil and organic maintenance fertilizers.