After 12 years with Frontier I’ve had my share of problems:

  • phone service turned off because they applied my payment to the wrong line
  • CONTINUALLY overcharging me to the tune of $90/month while I was on a contract for about $70.
  • SLOW DSL — the Frontier reps and especially Kim are trying hard, but we simply need more bandwidth.
  • a number of minor issues, such as not providing info on how many minutes are left from the included 100 min/month and lack of billing info, charging $3/month for online access unless I agree to not receive paper statements (NEVER!), not being able to pay online because I refuse to pay $36/year extra, etc.

Last week I experienced a new problem:

I listened to my voicemails, deleted/saved them and I continued to get that stutter dial tone indicating that I have a new voicemail.   That was extremely annoying and I called a gazillion times to check for new messages when there weren’t any.

So I called 611, they opened a ticket and it worked again the next day.

Today I tried to check my messages and I could not log in.  Normally I dial *100 and then I’m prompted for my phone number.

Now I’m prompted for my PIN and when I enter it, it claims that the information I provided is incorrect.  If I enter my number, that’s also incorrect.

So I called 611 again and all they can do is open another ticket.

There’s NOBODY to take a quick look at my account.

If I’m not returning your call, it’s not because you’re not important, but because I can’t get my messages.

Update 6/9/12:  I called Frontier yesterday because they hadn’t gotten back to me and after some hold time got to a person who told me that they had reset my VM and that the PIN had been changed to the last four digits of the phone number.  So I finally got my messages.

Today we got home after a long day in Kingman and there were two message that were supposedly left late last night.  I made several calls this morning and there were no messages.  So apparently now the TIME of the messages is totally messed up.  Very strange.

Update 6/13/12:  I finally called 611 again because the time is still way off.  It’s irritating to get a VM at 1 PM that was supposedly left at 4:30 PM.
Update 6/14/12:  They fixed it.   But I also got my new phone bill and they increased my bill by over $10Haven’t had time to analyze it, but it looks like they’re no longer giving me the credits that brought my bill down to about $60/month.  Am too busy to deal with it right now.