Update 1/23/17 7 PM:  Up and running again!   Unfortunately it will still be 8 to 10 weeks for fiber optics as all their boxes have to be upgraded.

Update 1/23/17 5 PM:  Some of the cards fried when the power went out and they are working on it, hoping service will be restored tonight.


Major wind and rain storm last night!   I finally called Frontier and was told that there’s a power outage and once the power is back on, they can check to see what’s wrong and may have to replace equipment again.  Don’t know whether the power is out in Meadview since I’m off the grid.

Hopefully it’s nothing like before Thanksgiving when I didn’t have internet for a week after the box on Charles was hit by lightening.  Incredibly, the prepaid Verizon data I bought for that outage just expired YESTERDAY.  I wish the Verizon prepaid data didn’t expire after 60 days.

LOCAL Frontier telephone service works, but not long distance.