It’s been practically impossible for me to work on my websites with the Frontier DSL — too frustrating to wait and wait and wait.  Often I’d start doing something else while waiting and by the time I got back to web design or posting pictures, I forgot what I was doing!

I have received very good reviews from Verizon wireless users in Meadview and closer to the cell tower, but since I get only 2 bars on my cell at my house, I was concerned.  Last week I got to try a neighbor’s prepaid Verizon data and the speed test came in at over 8 Mbps download speed.

So I bit the bullet and bought the Verizon Ellipsis Jetpack wireless gadget for about $50 and I bought 5 gb of prepaid data for another $50.  Unfortunately the data expires in only 60 days, but I’m sure glad to FINALLY be able to work on my websites.

I did a speed test last Sunday after I activated my service and got over 5 Mbps. Just now I got over 10 Mbps — compare that to Frontier DSL with around 1 Mbps on a very good day.   Also very important is the much faster upload speed for pictures.  I just posted some furniture ads with pictures and it’s incredible to be able to get stuff done!

I’m going to keep the Frontier DSL for now because I watch many YouTube vids about gardening etc. and for entertainment I watch Netflix and it usually works without buffering because I don’t have a big screen HD TV. Have to remember to disconnect from Verizon when I’m done working so I don’t use all my data in one night.

The Verizon website is very crappy, I couldn’t even order online last week and had to call them because their credit card processing did not work at all.  Then it took 3 days instead of 2 days for the Ellipsis to arrive.   Activation was a pain because they didn’t bother to include instructions  on how to get the password to connect (I was out and didn’t have internet access) and I had to call them again.

The Ellipsis gadget currently does NOT provide data usage info at all and when I called they told me that it hasn’t worked in a month.

IMPORTANT FOR TRAVELERS:  I read a review of the Ellipsis and they stated that it is NOT compatible with G3 — so if you’re out and about in an area where 4G is not available you will not be able to connect.

Their website my.jetpack (NO .com or anything!) loaded only once in probably 20 tries since Sunday and I finally called on that too.  Apparently Verizon can’t get their name servers working and you have to connect directly to the IP:

It appears that data usage is not updated live.  It did not change since I’ve worked for a couple hours and uploaded quite a few pics and it still shows 35.00MB usage — same as before I started to work.

I’m NOT impressed with Verizon other than with the data speed.  I considered porting my landline to Verizon and going on a monthly plan, just wish that data was more affordable.