When I arrived a few minutes before 9 am the parking lot was so full I had to park off the paved area.  Lots of people without MCA cards were trying to get in — as always, the door was LOCKED in violation of state law.  Notably, a deputy was standing outside and he remained inside by the door during the entire LONG meeting.

I asked deputy Thompson after the meeting why he was there.  Apparently the board had asked him to be there, but did not PAY for the time.  He said he was covering the area anyway, but I don’t quite understand this.  Why are tax payer funds used to provide security for a “private” organization on “private” property?  Why was security needed?

The meeting started with the acceptance of the resignations of Tom O’Keefe and Karen Frush and Pinkey Elliot resigned towards the end of the meeting.  They read the minutes and treasurer’s report, approved the changes to the rules and procedures discussed at the last meeting and as so often, many people talked about wanting the Monitor printed.  This was a LONG discussion.

The board had mobilized all MCA fans as evidenced by the frequent rounds of applause.  Almost forgot, letters from members praising the MCA and regarding Darrell the maintenance guy were read.  Apparently one person has an issue with Darrel’s performance and the maintenance expenses.

Here is how the MCA board works:

One person submits a NEGATIVE letter with a complaint.  The board then riles up support and has other members submit contradicting letters, in this case praising Darrell and the cleanliness of the MCA facilities.  Apparently nobody notices the UGLY unmaintained area right outside the auditorium.  And almost $4,000/month for maintenance SALARY expenses is definitely far too much. Apparently there is NO backup for Darrell, resulting in problems when he leaves town for a weekend.

Also, apparently members accused AJ of embezzling funds and AJ did a great rant asking people who have a problem with him to come to him directly and that he’ll be glad to “take this outside.”

Grant Veile gave a LONG speech, praising the MCA, repeatedly stating how MCA membership raises property values.  I don’t know what to say without being offensive, but what has Grant been smoking?

Grant’s sucking up to the board was promptly rewarded with his appointment to the board.  Jack Newell decline the offer, but stated that he might run at the next election.  Right now I can’t remember the other appointment, I have to review the video.  But I can assure you that the new board is no better than the old board. “Vom Regen in die Traufe” — as they say in Germany.

And speaking of the old board, apparently some members submitted a demand for the entire board except Aiko Graeber to resign and they demanded financial statements and the board distributed the proposed budget in the beginning of the meeting.

I heard that there was a private MCA member meeting at the Book Exchange last Monday prior to the meeting at Canyon’s End in the afternoon, but I’m NOT privy to what’s really going on and what people want.  I’ve heard many false statements about what I want, such as that people should pay $1 every time they use the MCA.   I have NEVER said anything like this and I’m glad I brought to the meeting a 7-page summary with the reasons for my call to either change the MCA to a COMMUNITY organization or to dissolve the MCA as well as relevant excerpts from the articles and bylaws.

After the meeting it seemed like people were afraid to come within 10 feet of me.  I handed out a few copies of my summary and a guy standing next to the person who held my papers yelled:

Don’t take anything from her, she wants to dissolve the MCA!

I gave him a copy so that he could read WHY I want the MCA dissolved.

He grabbed the papers with both hands and then tore them apart with his TEETH! 

I have never seen anything like that.  Then he tore the papers into smaller pieces and threw them on the floor.

I’ve been working on the new UNAUTHORIZED MCA website, but am so busy, just didn’t get done yet.  I have all kinds of new documents to upload (rules, bylaws, correspondence) and of course the PETITION to DISSOLVE the MCA.  It’s rather obvious that there are no alternatives.  Also, I want to thank the members who privately contacted me in support of my efforts, it was nice to get a few emails and calls after the meeting and I do understand that many people are afraid to publicly post here or speak at the board meetings — who wants to get beaten up by AJ?

While the absentee owners will be the voters getting the MCA dissolved, it’s good to know that resident members also agree with me.  One person asked me to run at the next election and I actually did sign up right after the meeting, but there’s no point to me being the only dissenting vote. The election isn’t until May, we’ll see what happens.

Almost forgot, I asked the board about the expenses related to serving their letter by the Kingman constable and tried to tell them not to waste more money on serving me with a lawsuit as I’ll accept service by mail, fax or email, but I’m not sure whether they interrupted me before I finished.


Apparently they decided to refund the illegal late fees.

Today I asked for the minutes of the board meeting when the refund of the late fees was discussed and voted on, but Joann told me that there were no minutes and apparently there was a PRIVATE board meeting, in violation of state law.

Instead of sending me a letter of appreciation and thanking me for alerting them to their illegal conduct (potentially saving the MCA tens of thousands in legal fees), they had the constable serve me with a letter threatening me with a lawsuit and FALSELY accusing me of being disruptive.

Hopefully I’ll soon find the time to finish the new website and the various illegal activities of the MCA board will be a lot more organized.

I’ll update this posting once I had a chance to review the video recording and I will upload what I have to YouTube, although I missed part of the meeting because I didn’t realize the tape was full.