That’s the lowest temperature since I moved here in 2007.  The winter of 06/07 was also extremely cold.   I was still living in my old place and sleeping in my camper (HIGHLY ILLEGAL, but nobody turned me in) and it was so cold, the water in the kitchen sink was frozen for days.  Of course the water lines were frozen too, but I don’t think anything broke.   However, I already had the water system installed at my new place and I had to buy a new pump.

We had to go to Kingman this morning to pick up the co-op order and everything was fine before we left.   For reasons unknown to me (gremlins?), the water in the bathroom was NOT dripping as it supposedly was when we went to bed.   It was “mostly” frozen, but I got it going again and then we ran out of water (pump was off) and we left.

When we got home, there were about 20 ft of broken pipe on the garage floor or hanging from the trusses.  It was the line going to the garden which I had assumed was empty because it’s been shut off for a couple of weeks.   It’s not a big deal because I planned on redoing this line to include drip systems to the raised beds.  The shutoff valve to that line was broken too and after I glued a new valve on, we went through the same ordeal as yesterday, thawing the pipes over the pump with Mr. Heater.  But today the pump was also frozen as were the pipes from the tanks to the pump, so it took a lot longer.

I am SO glad we didn’t have any other breaks.  And Jose finally took a day off to haul water, should have done that last week, but you know how it goes.   In the winter of 2010/2011 it got down to 4 F and we had no pipes breaking or freezing at all — the water tanks must have been pretty full.  But we had major problems with the truck as several freeze plugs popped out of the block because we didn’t have enough antifreeze in it.

Jose heard that the well on Smith is closed today because the hose broke and it’s too cold to glue it, so I suppose it will be open tomorrow.   Talked to several people who still don’t have running water and many won’t know whether pipes broke until it warmed up and thawed.

I checked the seedlings in the little greenhouse and they mostly look ok.   The pond in the hoophouse has about an inch of ice on it and I saw a fish swimming under it, so all things considered, things are ok at our house.