Most locals probably read Trent Van Wormer’s announcement that Tracy left town without notice and that he wants to give the market back to the previous owner.  Trent doesn’t have the cash to restock the store and as of Saturday there was no gasoline available.   Due to health problems, the former owner Gary can’t run the store and I don’t have a clue how much money it would take to restock and get the store going again.

According to Trent’s announcement the post office will remain open and as he mentions, it has never been run better.  I agree with that, the employees are very friendly and helpful and the many post office screwups originate in Kingman or during delivery to Kingman.

The rumor mill is in full swing.   All I know for sure is that the economy sucks, most locals never shop at the market because they shop in Kingman or Vegas.  It’s a LOT of work just to run a small farmstand and I can imagine how much time it takes to run the market, manage employees, etc.

If you’re coming to visit Meadview, be sure to bring lots of gasoline!