Chinese polluted “fake” honey in supermarkets

According to Seventy-five percent of honey bought at the supermarket isn’t real honey much of the supermarket honey has all pollen filtered out to conceal the identity of the honey and that’s likely due to the Chinese origin of the honey.

Richard Adee, who produces 7 million pounds of honey each year from multiple states, explains that real honey is valued for its flavor and nutritional value and that this “is what’s being removed during the ultra filtration process.”

He says that, “It’s no secret to anyone in the business that the only reason all the pollen is filtered out is to hide where it initially came from and the fact is that in almost all cases, that is China.”

Most honey packers are worried about what is being imported and what they are pumping into their plastic bears. Much of the honey sold in the US is imported from Asian countries. Two hundred and eight million pounds of honey have been imported over the past 18 months; 60 percent of that comes from Asian countries that typically launder honey illegally for China.

By using in-house private testing, some US manufacturers have found out that their Asian imported honey is watered down with high fructose corn syrup and a myriad of illegal sweeteners and antibiotics.

The other day someone asked me about local honey at the farmstand and while I’ve seen the guy on Stockton Hill selling “local” honey, I have never tried it. One person told me that it was very good, another said it tasted like watered down with corn syrup.
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