The first LOCALLY grown tomatoes at the farmstand today 4 pm to 7 pm

I’ll be at the farmstand from 4 – 7 pm today (summer hours) and I’ll bring the first locally grown tomatoes from another Meadview gardener and the first Armenian cucumber from our hoophouse. We also have organic eggs.

I bring only PRE-ORDERED chard, salad and beets until I find a way to keep the produce cool as the eggs take up much of my cooler space.

I’ll also bring some heirloom tomato plants and strawberry plants and the Frontier co-op catalog as we’re getting ready to place an order (tea, herbs, spices, etc.) and more info is at
Organic & Bulk Food Co-op.

Roger will probably bring some plants and cacti too.

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  1. I had some of those tomatoes around midnight when I finally got to sit down and they were AMAZING! I heated up a bagel from the freezer, got some cheddar cheese and onion and a bowl of Armenian cucumber with some balsamic vinegar. It was the best meal I’ve had in a long time.

    I like many different types of tomatoes, but have been growing mostly cherries. Despite having been refrigerated, these full size tomatoes were sweet and so tasty.

    Did a little research today and found that tomatoes do regain some of the taste after being at room temperature for several hours and being at the farmstand must have helped bring the flavor back too.

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