My email to the MCA:

Dear Board of Governors:

Please add the following issues to the agenda for the June 8 board meeting:

1) Remove Grant Veile from the board as he campaigned in violation of the bylaws and replace him with the next runner-up, Kenneth Cardenas.

The bylaws state:  “There shall be no electioneering within one hundred (100) yards of polling place.”

Grant Veile’s campaign speech at the annual meeting lasted almost 6 minutes and you may review it at

The OTHER candidates were limited to stating their names!   Grant barely got enough votes to get on the board and quite likely he would not have been elected if he had not been provided with the opportunity to address the members just before the vote.

2) Lake Mead Community Association use of the MCA facilities for its High Desert Gardening Club and Organic & Bulk Food Co-op. 

In 2/12 the MCA board declined my request to allow our gardening club to use the facilities because not all persons attending would be MCA members.   The Lake Mead Community Association is a 501(c)(3) charitable and educational non profit organization.  The Meadview Quail, Bingo and COM use the MCA facilities and do not require MCA membership.  Any member can bring numerous non member guests to use the pool and any and all amenities.  It makes no sense to exclude non members from learning how to stay or become healthy.

As most board members expressed their intentions to make the MCA a friendlier and more open organization, I again request that the board permit the Lake Mead Community Association to use the MCA facilities.  We will be happy to provide a refundable security deposit.

Additionally, I request that the MCA allow all members to form various clubs open to the public.  Meadview is a dying town.  A newcomer bought a home a few months ago and he was going to invest in more property here.  He left this week to relocate to Colorado because Meadview is “depressing.”  No store, no gas, the Crows Nest and many other businesses are closed and there’s no place to have FUN.  Hopefully the MCA will step up to the task of turning Meadview into a much more enjoyable and welcoming town.

3) No more closed and/or unscheduled meetings in violation of state law.

The newly elected board met on 5/27/13 for at least an hour and did not allow me to attend the meeting.  So many times I’ve pointed out at MCA board meetings that the MCA is regulated by state law.  Please review the Arizona Revised Statutes:

33-1804. Open meetings; exceptions at

There is NO exception for a meeting after an election!

Additionally, the board needs to give notice of unscheduled meetings:

“C. Notwithstanding any provision in the declaration, bylaws or other community documents, for meetings of the board of directors that are held after the termination of declarant control of the association, notice to members of meetings of the board of directors shall be given at least forty-eight hours in advance of the meeting by newsletter, conspicuous posting or any other reasonable means as determined by the board of directors.”

Last year I missed several meetings because I did not know about them.

I request that the board set up an email list at the MCA website so that interested members can receive notifications of unscheduled meetings. 

You can set up a FREE email list with numerous options, such as members signing up for the Monitor, for board meetings, for events, etc.  An example is here:

It’s 2013 and this isn’t rocket science.   I hope the new board will bring the MCA into the 21st century and I’ll be glad to assist.

Please acknowledge receipt of this email.

Thanks, Christine

That should be an interesting meeting.