The first meeting of the new board started a bit strange. They did NOT read the minutes of the last (private) meeting and the annual meeting on Memorial Day weekend Saturday. The PRIVATE board meeting on Memorial Day was not even mentioned.

There is NO record of the board members accepting their positions.

Frank stated that the minutes of the April meeting should NOT have been read at the Memorial Day annual meeting. HUH?

This is all quite crazy and clearly in violation of state law, as I recently posted at My request for issues to be added to the MCA board meeting agenda   I realize that the board is new and confused, but what are they thinking?


The agenda listed the board members and their offices:

Frank Eakins, President
Ronald King, Vice President
Kent Barney, Treasurer
Cloyd Moody, Assistant Treasurer
Joy Luke, Secretary
Raymond Stone, Architectural Committee
Grant Veile, Consultant

Here is the 6-8-13 Agenda

Joy is in charge of collecting delinquent dues.

She reported that about $450,000 are past due and that they are going to send out reminder letters to people who didn’t pay. She also mentioned the possibility of judgments and liens on a case by case basis.

JoAnn and Maggie then advised that the past due amount is only about $250,000.


The sad reality is that owners of vacant lots have no incentive to pay the dues because vacant MCA lots are almost worthless. Between the county building inspection requirements, idiotic MCA restrictions, the corrupt COM (Meadview News) and the constant petty arguments, I can’t see why anyone would want to move here — I sure wouldn’t!

  • NOT mentioned was the forensic audit of the MCA finances that I heard so much about PRIOR to the election.
  • NOT mentioned were any plans to reduce operating expenses. There was a discussion of security cameras, but I didn’t hear anyone say that they’ll get rid of the security guard.
  • NOT mentioned was any plans to recover funds from the former board members who wasted thousands on legal fees for their futile attempts to intimidate me and their very successful attempts to defame me.

Apparently Maggie did NOT provide my request for issues to be added to the MCA board meeting agenda to the board members as I had asked. Frank stated that requests to have issues added to the agenda need to be submitted on the Friday a week prior to the meetings so that the board can consider whether the requests are worthy of being added to the agenda.

They must have made this rule change at the PRIVATE board meeting.

Of course this new rule was NOT posted on the MCA website as I would have submitted my request a few days earlier if I had known about the new rule. Still, I had specifically asked Maggie to provide it to the board so that they’d know about my concerns, but Frank told me that he got nothing.

Much of the meeting was a lot of butt kissing, thanking the employees and the previous board members.

Notably, the board did NOT thank me and I get the feeling that they don’t even realize that they got elected because of my efforts — my many emails to the MCA, posts about the MCA and the many hours I spent video taping board meetings and uploading to youTube.

I distinctly remember the “Concerned Citizens” meeting I attended and the talk of two “Concerned Citizens” video taping the next board meeting. As usual, I was the only person with a camcorder at the next board meeting. All talk, no action!  So why am I surprised that they’re doing NOTHING now that they’re elected?

There was NO mention of Grant’s election in violation of the bylaws. 

New board same as the old board?

I’m beginning to wonder.

When we got to open forum, I asked whether the Lake Mead Community Association could use the facilities.

Frank advised that the request must be made in writing, that the proposed date and time for the use of the facilities must be included and that the request must be made 30 days in advance. So, the next gardening club meeting on 6/27 will again be at Canyon’s End in the front room.  I’ll be forever grateful to Cary, Diana and Aaron for supporting the gardeners and co-op despite the repercussions.

Tom O’Keeffe objected to the attendance of non members as did several other members.

One person pointed out that Bingo, COM and Quail meetings are also open to non members, but forgot to mention the crafters’ sales held several times a year.

Tom O’Keeffe also mentioned that the organization using the facilities will have to provide evidence of insurance.

I’m looking forward to finding out where COM, the crafters, Bingo and Quail are getting their insurance and we’ll just get it wherever they get it — provided we can afford it.

It was also mentioned that any food events need to have a county permit.

As I recall, last time I talked to the county about that it was about $200 or so.

Since I am a Quail member, I know that they always use the kitchen to serve snacks and one time Barbie was the speaker and she prepared delicious appetizers. So I need to find out whether the permit is only required when food is SOLD or if it applies to any use of the kitchen. Of course the MCA also has potlucks and I don’t know whether they get county permits for those. I doubt it because no permit fees have been mentioned at the board meetings. Many of our activities would be similar to the MCA potlucks, but we’d focus on healthy food.  You couldn’t PAY me to eat a hot dog!

We had planned to use the MCA for the co-op and gardeners and to prepare whatever our gardeners have a lot of such as chard or zucchini. It would be fantastic to have a zucchini cookout and have members prepare various zucchini dishes. While people could bring dishes, it would be very beneficial to also have onsite demonstrations of how to prepare some of the dishes. Obviously, we can’t store our chard or zucchini for 30 days, so this requirement is not working for us and I hope that after the initial approval we will not have to request permission 30 days in advance of every event.

Petty arguments over the hours members can use the facilities.

That members can’t enter the facilities until 8 am was the other issue discussed during open forum. It was explained that members had “harassed” Darrell, the maintenance guy, while he was working on the pool, which apparently takes a couple of hours every morning. The issue is that Chuck likes to play tennis and you obviously don’t want to start playing tennis at 8 am in this heat.

Frank stated that any members who interfere with the MCA operations and maintenance will be dealt with and I suggested that somebody playing tennis is obviously not interfering with the pool maintenance.

JoAnn then stated that if other members can enter the facilities before 8 am, she wants to come in at 7:30 am for a swim in the pool. Did she NOT hear that Darrell performs pool maintenance at that time?


JoAnn and Maggie

JoAnn’s idiotic demand is a exactly what is wrong with Meadview.

It is so typical of the townies’ (clique’s) mindset.

  • If I can’t swim, Chuck can’t play tennis.
  • If Chuck can play tennis, I MUST be able to use the pool regardless of scheduled maintenance.

Meadview has too many people like JoAnn who thrive on making the lives of others miserable. See my posting The COM board voted AGAINST healthy food and gardening and refuses to run our ads.

I was hoping that the new board would make a strong statement about CHANGES, but all I heard was that they are seeking advice from the same morons who ran the MCA into the ground.

I’m not up to continuing this constant fight. It’s not just about being able to use the facilities, but there are so many other issues. I’ve had the mailing labels for Unit 7 owners for a couple of months now and it is very tempting to go for dissolution of the MCA after all.

If the MCA was dissolved, its assets would be turned over to a COMMUNITY non profit organization and the lack of dues and deed restriction enforcement would make Meadview real estate much more appealing.

Meadview is a dying town and needs a COMMUNITY center.

The clique would have to start a new private country club and pay for it THEMSELVES.