RELATED VIDEO:   8/8/16 Video of Sheriff Candidates Forum

The turnout was great and Butch Meriwether did a fantastic job organizing and moderating the forum — thank you Butch!  

He also has a website with his commentaries, opinions and analysis of many local issues.  Butch is one of the few people in this county capable of rational thinking and concise writing.

It is hard to hear the questions that were asked because the cooling system was so noisy and the audience didn’t have a microphone, but most answers make it obvious what the questions were.

Unfortunately, the audience was OBSESSED with the roads.

And I can’t blame them, but I think it would have helped to have the audience submit their questions in writing prior to the forum, sort them by subject and then have Butch read the questions (with the mic).  We would d have had a lot more time for issues other than roads.  And we would have had time for FOLLOWUP questions.

I found the forum VERY informative and all three unedited videos are now posted below.

I hope to SOON get to posting excerpts from the forum so you can hear the candidates’ views on specific issues to make it easier to decide who to vote for.

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

It was great to hear a CHALLENGE to Jean Bishop’s claim that the GV Fire District will go broke if the state takes over the prison.  According to a person in the audience, the prison never paid ANY tax for the fire district because it’s not in it. These are issues we need to examine!

Update 8/4/16: Apparently the prison is not in the fire district, but had a contract with the fire district and the state will likely contract with the fire district too.  Another NON crisis resolved.