My head is about to explode after researching the various Verizon plans, hidden charges and things you can NOT do …

So I finally set up a new account at — they used to charge $3 to pay your bill online unless you agreed to electronic statements, I like my paper bills and they’re the only regular bill that got a check from my bank every month.   It looks like they no longer charge this fee.

It’s easier to document what was “said” in chat than on the phone even with recordings and hopefully I don’t have to sue Frontier again if they overcharge me again.

Verizon emails you chat transcripts if you provide your email address, but that doesn’t seem to be an option for Frontier, so here is a screenshot:


That $61.79 end up as $79.78 with all the taxes.

I considered keeping only the DSL and porting my number to Verizon.  However, Verizon doesn’t tell you ANYWHERE that there is an additional $20/month just to add a phone to the New Verizon Plan and another $30 monthly charge to add a hot spot gadget and the home phone gadget — how crazy is that?   It makes sense for ADDITIONAL phones since they get the unlimited long distance and texts, but I feel seriously deceived and ripped off.

And with Verizon prepaid phone / data plans you can add ONLY ONE DEVICE (the phone) and no landline gadget, but at least there is no extra charge for actually using the plan with a phone.

I must have wasted over 50 hours in the last couple of months researching Verizon and I’m  tired of it now.  Maybe I’ll just buy some prepaid data occasionally for serious web work and while away from home.

At least I knocked $10/month off my Frontier bill — that $120/year was definitely worth the effort.

Frontier DSL ONLY would be $34.99, it’s $52.79 with long distance and that’s only about $19 for the long distance, so not a huge savings.  Of course with tax that’s way over $20 and wireless isn’t taxed.

FYI, our Frontier tax dollars are paying half of Frontier’s cost of bringing fiber optic to Meadview.  I really don’t understand why only landlines are taxed, but that’s how it is.

And if you pay more than $52.79 to Frontier for unlimited long distance, VM and the SLOW DSL, you know what to do!