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County administrator Hendrix supports sales tax increase for ROADS!

Just when I thought I’d seen it all …

According to the Kingman Miner, Hendrix states that the County CAN improve our awful dirt roads, but we don’t have the funds.

• A quarter-cent increase in the sales tax is an “extremely powerful tool,” generating about $6 million a year, the county administrator mentioned. It was used to build the county administration office, the county jail and the sheriff’s office. And it would go a long way toward maintaining more than 2,000 miles of county roads, of which about 1,200 miles are unpaved. …

That’s contrary to Supervisor Jean Bishop’s statement right here last year:

8/18/16 Meadview meeting: how to get the dirt roads fixed


The July floods constituted a historic storm event. The rain measured at our weather station near Diamond Bar Road and Pierce Ferry Road was the highest ever recorded since the station was installed and was actually greater than a 100 year storm (a 100-year storm is a storm that has a one percent chance of occurrence in any given year).

The storms took a terrible toll on the roads. Unfortunately, most of the roads in Lake Mead City are not maintained by the County. And, for the County to accept them for maintenance, they would need to first be brought up to County Standards by those wishing the roads to be maintained. (Not by the County per ARS 28-6705)

28-6705. Public road and street maintenance ….

Who is lying?

I never believed that Mohave County was LEGALLY prevented from providing emergency aide to its rural residents and to clear the roads so that emergency vehicles could transport patients.

I emailed this link to Supervisor Bishop for clarification.

Roads update

Yesterday morning the County graded Charles and Glen, a week after the last storms resulting in an awful road right after they did the twice a year grading.  Yesterday afternoon it rained and it’s not quite as bad as before, but Charles sure sucks again.

And that’s why I’ve been DEMANDING that the County allocate a fund to pay locals to just fix it.

It was STUPID to grade the road BEFORE the rains – a complete waste of time and money.

I tried to get home from Meadview yesterday afternoon, took Glen and went over to Greentree:

Greentree washout
8/2/17 Greentree wash at Peach

It’s been like that for a week, nobody fixed it.  This is the road for water haulers from Unit 6 to the well at Greentree and Sandy Point.  Now that the County fixed Glen yesterday, they can take Glen to Sandy Point — until it washes out again.

I have 2 WD, turned around and took Glen to Sandy Point, it was completely dry and passable at Pear and I took Sandy Point home.

Had to go back out and thought I’d take Charles:

Wash at Charles

Obviously wasn’t going to drive into this river.    It was interesting because the roads were dry and my house apparently got a few drops of rain while I was out, but I had to water the garden, it was dry.

On my way to Sandy Point, trying to get back over to Glen to get out:

Charles and Pear washout
Charles and Pear wash

This has been a problem only since the County approved the development and clearing of the adjoining lots. 

THANK YOU, Mohave County!

I raced over to Glen on Sandy Point, but didn’t need to speed.  It was completely dry, 2 miles down from Charles.  Don’t know if the water ever reached Glen.

So, I hope you all appreciate the hard work Jean Bishop is doing for us, increasing our property taxes.

Big BOS meeting on Monday as they’re ready to vote on the tax increase, but don’t expect much from Meadview residents, so far away.   They DO read letters that you submit too, I hope I’ll have time to put something together.

And on Saturday at 11 am is a Jean Bishop town hall meeting at the Dolan Springs Council regarding the tax increase, I plan to be there, how about you?

I realize most residents here in Meadview are old and tired, ill and dying, worn out, done fighting — but not one person ready to kick some ass?

Very sad.  Why don’t you just sign over your social security and pension checks to the County?

Who filled the potholes on Rose? LMC and Unit 7 road update

Updated 6/25/17 with word on the street on the road destruction in Unit 7.


Who filled the potholes on Rose at Smoke Tree?

I’ve done some road work with my crew, but this is the first time EVER that I have seen the potholes FILLED as they should be by someone else.  Not that I know who works on every road, but this really was an amazing sight!

potholes on Rose
Properly filled rock holes, although the entire road could use more dirt.

One reason our dirt roads are so AWFUL is that the potholes aren’t filled when they attempt to improve them with graders or backhoes.   I say “attempt” because there’ve been times when people made it worse, it takes more than good intentions to run heavy equipment.

These are actually not potholes, but ROCK HOLES, from the blade ripping the rocks out. Then they push the rocks off the road and we have giant holes.

As we drive through those holes, we create MORE erosion, lose more dirt to wind, expose more rocks, and the cycle restarts when they “fix” the road again.

Anyway, a friend who lives there said he’d like to contribute a few bucks to the person(s) who did this work. Somebody must have used a shovel to get what little dirt there is from the ditch — hard work!

The residents who volunteer their equipment and time (for a little gas money, if they’re lucky) can’t be expected to pay for dirt for fill and Jean Bishop ought to come out and bring her shovel!

Cary Schweitzer asked Jean Bishop and the county people last August for some DIRT at the big meeting at Canyon’s End (video and discussion of the meeting). It’s been almost a year, I haven’t seen any dirt anywhere and the roads are awful.

To the County, we’re not even worthy of dirt.

Charles is SO bad, someone took the street sign out the other day.

When you’re turning onto Charles from Pierce Ferry coming from Kingman, you have to seriously slow down because the washboard is so awful, you slide around like on ice.  And the giant holes and rocks as you drive off the pavement destroy the vehicles.

The County keeps marking Pierce Ferry, but they never do the work.

Apparently the County wants to make sure that anyone interested in purchasing one of the MANY abandoned properties off Charles knows right away not to move here.  Good job creating more blight and lowering property values — less tax for the County!  Aren’t they SO clever?

Several weeks ago heavy equipment went down MY road even though I’m not on a County maintained road and I specifically requested that the County stay AWAY from my road.   Did they retaliate because of my complaints? In 11 years they’ve never come down here.

After last summer’s storms I had spent many hours moving boulders and filling holes so I had the “perfect” road (just wide enough for my dually)  in front of my property.  I think the County guy made ONE pass and he TORE UP my road.   I have holes a foot deep.  There were boulders so huge I could hardly move them off the road.

Updated 6/25/17:  Word on the street is that Bob Lehman tore up our roads.  I heard that he? went down Rose and people there are upset too and hate those holes.  Bob, if that’s true, please don’t do that again, we’re all old and stumbling around as it is — don’t need no broken bones or hips or being sued by people who get hurt! 🙂

When people park on MY road (I own it) and an old lady falls into one of those holes, who is liable?

Do they sue the County or me?

URL emailed to District 4 supervisor Jean Bishop for answers.