8/27/18 LMRFD board meeting video and draft minutes


The DRAFT minutes prepared by the incompetent / corrupt administrative assistant Karen Jackson do NOT reflect what REALLY happened.

Is Karen so stupid she thinks that it won’t be noticed that she omitted EXTREMELY important discussion such as director Kiffer asking chairwoman Cass to resign from chair?

Don’t you think the minutes should reflect that director Kiffer stated that chairwoman Cass ran up an $800 legal bill with LMRFD attorney Bill Whittington, consulting about SUING director Kiffer?

Three seats are up this election and of course I’ll provide info on the candidates ASAP.

If you are running please post your info at


It’s extremely important to vote Deborah Cass OUT of office and to elect Ellen.

Sadly, director Mike Karash seems to be Deb’s mouth piece and he voted with Deb AGAINST giving Karen two weeks to FINALLY show up for work or quit.

The vote resulted in a tie, so maybe they can do better at the next meeting when Theodora Koeppen (Meadview) should FINALLY be on the board.

Administrative assistant Karen Jackson and chief Toni DeMaio must be replaced.

Karen is so incredible incompetent and I have frequently posted here about her bizarre relationship with the chief, who allows her to work from home.

We don’t know WHAT Karen does as the billing and just about all work have been outsourced.

Just like the chief, Karen doesn’t know how to use a computer, how to prepare a simple spreadsheet, how to upload a pdf to the website, etc.  To call her “administrative assistant” is a very cruel joke!

The website has been dysfunctional for years and the chief decided to pay Karen’s husband for webdesign.

At least twice.  He might as well have flushed the LMRFD money down the toilet.

http://lmrfd.org/ is a nightmare.  No minutes, agendas, budgets or ANY documentation.

The chief is also seriously lacking VISION.

He’s not a leader and he cannot imagine turning LMRFD into the thriving Community Paramedicine district is SHOULD be:


2 Responses to 8/27/18 LMRFD board meeting video and draft minutes

  1. You would have so much more credibility in your criticism, if you were in the district. Being outside and speaking in the manner you are , really doesn’t do much good.
    If you could report facts without being editorial, that would be good.
    Otherwise, I really like your summaries, keep em coming.

  2. Rick, I’d have to be the village idiot to join THAT district. I’ve come full circle, from priority of Meadview annexation 2.5 years ago to doing ALL I can to prevent annexation.

    In fact, I can’t imaging that I’d EVER be for ANY tax district again. Subscription, yes. So I can tell them “good-bye” next time that moronic chief tells me the website complies with the law.

    “Being outside and speaking in the manner you are , really doesn’t do much good.”

    I can’t imagine that the people of Meadview would be stupid enough to vote for annexation knowing how LMRFD operates.

    And if you don’t like my editorials — don’t know if you noticed, but I set up the forum, attend these awful meeting, record the video, waste MANY hours putting all that stuff up — you’re certainly welcome to write your posts.

    Considering that NOBODY has paid me just one cent for doing so much work, I think I can pretty much say whatever I want. Don’t you think?

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