Updated 9/9/18

This morning a process server woke me up. 

Karen Jackson decided to petition the Kingman justice court for an injunction for “harassment” because I posted that she is “the world’s most incompetent administrative assistant.” 

Last time I checked, I’m still entitled to publish my OPINION.

In fact, I consider this petition harassment. 

I’ve NEVER contacted Karen Jackson in my entire life.  And of course everything I posted is the truth. 

It’s impossible to prove whether she is or isn’t the “most” incompetent administrative assistant or not.   In my 44 years of interactions with many businesses worldwide, I’ve certainly never met any administrative assistant as incompetent as Karen Jackson.  Nobody even came close to her incompetence.

If ANYONE has a lead on a MORE incompetent administrative assistant I’d sure like to hear about it!  

Ms. Jackson can’t even prepare the minutes for the LMRFD fire district board meetings without omitting many issues discussed at the board meetings — after YEARS of working in that position!  

Here is Ellen’s info about  Karen Jackson’s omissions from the last meeting minutes:

Chief Anthony DeMaio presented Karen Jackson as this extremely skilled administrative assistant and he even told me that she was in charge of the Golden Valley fire district’s website. Lies, lies and more lies ….

Since 2015 I have VOLUNTEERED to do Karen Jackson’s job.  I attended and documented all these LMRFD board meetings and it literally has cost me thousands of dollars. 

PLEASE everybody do NOT vote for chairwoman Deb Cass in November [9/9/18: I was informed that Deb Cass is not up for election this year.  We’ll have to figure out how to get her OFF the board, obviously need directors who care and I will put together the info on who’s running and who they are ASAP.]

Deb Cass lied to me and deceived me before the elections in 2016.  She told me how computer savvy she is and that it would be easy to video record the meetings and upload them to LMRFD.org.   I actually urged voters to vote for Deb Cass — sorry, she lied!

INSTEAD of recording the board meetings, Cass implemented a 3-minute maximum time for the public to speak at the board meetings.  Cass appears to be complicit in whatever is going on with chief DeMaio, Karen Jackson and her husband. 

At the 8/27/18 LMRFD board meeting Deb Cass voted AGAINST ordering Karen Jackson to  FINALLY show up for work.

If Karen Jackson and chief Anthony DeMaio have a problem with my publications, they should sue me for defamation.

  • I could conduct discovery and finally receive the many documents I have requested.

    I had requested reports for ambulance runs to Meadview and the contract with Karen’s husband for the website — I’ve received nothing.

    They’d finally HAVE to provide documents and they’d HAVE to answer my many questions.

  • LMRFD is attorney Bill Whittington’s cash cow.

    This needs to STOP.  

    LMRFD would finally have to provide all LEGAL bills and we’d see how much of the tax payer money was moved to attorney Bill Whittington.  

    According to the LMRFD accountant Gabe, LMRFD spent many times more on legal fees than other districts the same size. WHY?????   I’m guessing that it’s at least in part due to DeMaio’s and the Jacksons’ incompetence.  Attorney Bill Whittington’s competence has also been questioned, I believe at the July board meeting.   We’ll KNOW once we see the legal bills.
  • We’d FINALLY find out WHY chief DeMaio refuses to fire the Jacksons despite their incredible incompetence and Karen Jackson’s refusal to show up for work.

     WHY does chief DeMaio repeatedly pay Karen’s husband for the LMRFD.org website despite his extraordinary incompetence.  Mr. Jackson NEVER does the job!  Clearly, he is just as incompetent as his wife. 

    Try to download the LMRFD 8/18 minutes right now at http://lmrfd.org/minutes/

9/8/18 screenshot: As usual, the minutes are NOT available at LMRFD.org

THAT is how your LMRFD fire district tax is WASTED!

NONE of the docs are available, no minutes, no agenda, no budgets, absolutely NOTHING. 

Which is WHY I had to waste MY time and money on setting up a new forum just for LMRFD:

In case you’re wondering why I care so much about LMRFD:

  • People DIE because of this “conspiracy” to divert the tax payers’ funds from LMRFD to the incompetent Jacksons.

  • In 2010 the Meadview fire district became insolvent due to mismanagement by the chief and the board and it consolidated with the Dolan Springs LMRFD.

  • In 2013 LMRFD was insolvent.

  • In 2016 LMRFD finally was solvent again and a new board was elected.  Sadly, they rarely have a board meeting without executive session and there are NO efforts whatsoever to finally bring healthcare to our underserved rural communities.

    I spent over 8 hours last Saturday researching how MORE COMPETENT fire chiefs and boards bring healthcare to their communities:

    Sadly, chief DeMaio and the Jacksons could not care less about the people who live and die here.  After all, THEY live in Golden Valley!  [9/9/18: I was informed that the Jacksons live in Kingman.]

  • The Meadview station is staffed with only ONE guy “most” days, some days the station is closed and ONE guy can NOT transport patients.

  • At just about every meeting the LMRFD board talks about annexation.

    I will NEVER support annexation to this dysfunctional LMRFD fire district.  

    This afternoon a friend called and I told her that I’m wasting my Saturday on this LMRFD BS instead of getting our Wellness Calling Circle started:


    She told me that she voted NO to the proposed LMRFD tax increase last year — because I had recommended to vote NO.   The tax increase was voted DOWN.  I didn’t even oppose the tax increase on my websites since I’m not in the district, I only explained it to a few friends.

    I’m quite certain that I can prevent annexation as long as I’m allowed to publish the TRUTH about LMRFD.

I can see only ONE reason for this petition for an injunction for harassment:

The intent is to keep the residents from discovering how chairwoman Cass, chief DeMaio and the Jacksons are destroying LMRFD.

There ought to be a CRIMINAL investigation and the incompetents / conspirators should be sentenced to pay at least triple damages to LMRFD.  

I know nothing about the laws that pertain to defrauding a fire district, misuse of tax payer funds, whatever you want to call it.  At least some jail time seems appropriate to me. After all, it’s not just the money (which is bad in itself), but their misconduct quite likely resulted in deaths as LMRFD is DYSFUNCTIONAL.

I’ll try to file my complaint for the countless LMRFD Open Meeting Law violations on time to submit at the hearing for the petition for an injunction. 

The Jacksons and DeMaio’s misconduct must become public record for the benefit of future employers. 

NO fire district should ever hire them again without knowing all about these issues and especially this petition for an injunction.

If some company wants to put up with their incompetence, that’s their choice.  But the residents pay the tax to fire districts to be safe, not to get ripped off by incompetent employees and contractors.

Several people have asked me why DeMaio was fired from the Golden Valley fire district.

I did not know that he was fired, nor do I know that it’s true.  I hope to find out why he quit / was fired and why Karen Jackson followed him to LMRFD.  Unfortunately I only have the option to subpoena records if they sue me.

As always, if you have info, please do let me know.  You can submit a comment here with a FALSE name and email and even if a court orders me to reveal my sources your identity will remain secret.  

If you know something, say something!

Here is Ms. Jackson’s request for injunction for harassment:


A few excerpts from Karen Jackson’s letter to the judge:Ms. Jackson ought to be concerned for her “lively hood.”

Can you believe that she has three degrees and is working on her fourth WHILE being too sick to do the work LMRFD hired her to do?

What kind of fraud is going on here?

I have NEVER EVER made ANY contact with Ms. Jackson!  Nor did I ever express any intent of contacting her directly.  I have nothing but contempt for people like Karen Jackson and would rather never be in the same room with her.  

But I will certainly continue to post what an incompetent administrative assistant she is until a court orders me otherwise.

Last time I checked, it was still legal to publish the TRUTH.

WOW! I “displaced” content.

This letter certainly documents Karen Jackson’s incompetence and I can only imagine what kind of degrees she has.  Certainly not English or business.

And if Ms. Jackson’s letter doesn’t convince you of her incompetence, take a look at the exhibits — they look like they’re 50 years old microfiche copies. 
Here you can see the original, not a microfiche copy from 50 years ago, but my recent posting:

Karen Jackson is far beyond incompetent.

I would NEVER dare submitting exhibits that are UNREADABLE to any court.

I’m hoping that the Miner will attend the hearing and write about the LMRFD fiascoWe need all the publicity we can get!

And I’m also hoping that the litigation will help convince legislators to enhance the fire district regs. 

It’s going to be many more hours of work to post all my correspondence with chief DeMaio.  Sadly, aside from Ellen Reh-Bower (please vote for her in November!), most residents seem to be busy struggling with Alzheimers, alcoholism and apathy.